Your Future Awaits

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Your Future Awaits

Out on the high school football field, the seniors practice for graduation. Bright walks around all downcast as Irv tells us, "If you're lucky, the looking ahead is as much fun as the looking back. But not everyone is lucky." One of Bright's jock friends finds him in line, and Bright reminds him that they never finished that game of "H-O-R-S-E." The kid says he can't, because he has to go to college. Now? Another kid comments that his dorm's mini-fridge is going to be holding all beer, all the time. Bright says nothing. Aw, Bright. The kids leave for their universities immediately, and Bright's cell phone rings. It's Ephram, who is waiting in the stands for Bright to be finished. Someone's in love. Ephram tells his boyfriend to hurry up. Bright says it's not like he's having any fun. Ephram tries to make him feel better, and says he'll wait if Bright wants him to. Bright tells him to save himself and go home. Ephram reminds Bright that it could be worse: he could be stuck in high school for another year. Someone hands Bright his cap and gown, wrapped in plastic with a sticker proclaiming, "Your Future Awaits! Congratulations, Senior!" Bright looks sadly at it as Irv says, "Sometimes in these moments of great promise and potential, we often wish we could simply stop time to relish in those final moments of glory -- and to put off the future for just one more day." Bright stabs himself in the eye with the corner of his mortar board. Credits.

Morning at the Brown house. Treat pours Dr. Douglas (whom I completely forgot I nicknamed "Triple D" last year until someone in the forums reminded me) lots more coffee. Triple D says he's through with temperance, since he's getting a tumor removed from his brain in a week. Treat grins. He tells Delia that they have an appointment with a Denver radiologist, so they have to get a move on. Delia says she thought the operation was next week. Triple D says it is, but Treat has to run some tests first. Treat tells Delia to get going, because Nina will be there to pick her up soon. Delia tells Triple D, "I hope you do well on your test." Man. Adorable. And about three lines in two weeks. Ephram gives his dad a permission slip to sign so he can get out of school the next day. Treat asks what it's for. Ephram's all, "Don't you listen? Juilliard? Summer program? Audition?" Treat remembers, but says he may not be able to go with him. Ephram says it's fine; it's a quick trip. Treat looks sad that Ephram doesn't need him there.

Nina comes in looking fresher than ever. Divorce suits her. Treat gives her a rundown of their plans, then kisses her sweetly on the cheek and tells her how awesome she is. Rinda's been gone a week, Treat. Get a little rest first. Nina tells them to get going. They go. As Nina clears the dishes, she asks Ephram how everything is with him. Ephram tries to be vague about his love life, but Nina isn't having it. She tells him that she needs more names and verbs, and reminds him that she's the only female perspective he's got for miles. Ephram tells Nina what Bright said about Amy. Nina asks him how he feels about that. Ephram: "I don't even know if it's true. Last week Bright told me he saw Gwyneth Paltrow at Sal's." Heh. Nina says the first thing he needs to figure out is if he wants it to be true. Ephram says he's definitely not over Madison yet, and doesn't know if he's ready for another relationship. Nina thinks that's his answer, then. Ephram says he still doesn't know, though. "It's Amy." Nina gives him a sympathetic smile, but offers no advice. Don't start something you can't finish, Nina.

Cut to Patch, getting madder by the second in his insurance guy's office. His agent tells him that they don't "feel comfortable" keeping him on as one of their policyholders. Patch explodes. "You felt comfortable covering Abbott & Abbott for fifty years! You certainly felt comfortable hiking my premiums to $50,000 last year, which I PAID IN FULL AND ON TIME!" Insurance Guy: "I understand." Hee. He tells Patch that it's just too risky; if even one patient came forward with HIV, they'd be looking at the threat of a ten-figure lawsuit. Patch says he thinks it's time to have a word with Insurance Guy's supervisor. Insurance Guy says he is the supervisor. Patch says that's fine, he's more than happy to take his business elsewhere. Insurance Guy tells Patch ain't nobody else gonna cover him. Patch storms out with his mean face on.

High School. One of Amy's ditzy girlfriends is detailing her huge summer dilemma -- if she invites one guy to this party they're having over the weekend, she might get to stay at his summer cabin; if she invites the other guy, his family might ask her to go to London. Nice. Bitchy Paige asks Amy who she wants to invite. Just then, Ephram walks over, and Amy both avoids and answers the question by exclaiming, "Ephram!" Amy tells him to sit down. Bitchy Paige actually smiles sincerely at him. Amy explains that they were just talking about Paige's party that she's having the next night, where they're going to watch movies about the end of the world. Ephram stares blankly. "Armageddon? 28 Days Later? Ben Affleck? Zombies?" Ephram just looks at her. Dumbass? Dumbass? Amy gives a little embarrassed laugh, and asks him to come. Ephram says he can't, actually. Amy: "Have a hot date or something?" Ephram: "Yeah. With three uptight music critics from the Juilliard Summer Program." Amy says it sounds pretty important. Ephram says it is, and he won't be back until late. He also explains that his dad can't take him, so he's going alone. Now it's Amy's turn to look at Ephram blankly. What is WRONG with you people? Ephram says he'll let the girls get back to planning their party. And being CLUELESS.

Abbott House. Patch walks in and asks Bright what he's watching. Bright says he's looking for those DeVry commercials. "They're always on except for when you need 'em." Heh. Patch tells Bright he's not going to DeVry, and to get up off the couch, because his grandparents will be there soon. He adds, "God help us all." Aw, Patch's favorite person is coming to visit! Patch picks up Bright's wrinkled cap and gown, which Bright has clearly been lying on, and says they'll have to have it pressed before graduation day. Bright says it doesn't matter, because he's not going. Patch is like, "What?" Bright says he figures he'll get his diploma in the mail. Patch tries to relate to his son that graduation is a big important milestone in his life, and he'll regret it if he doesn't go. Bright still doesn't wanna. He says he's got the regret thing down already. Patch reminds his son of all the hard work he's done that year, and he deserves to celebrate all his accomplishments. Bright: "What accomplishments? It took me thirteen years to finish twelve grades, Dad." Patch says he understands that Bright's upset. I have to say, Patch is really holding it together here. Bright says he's not upset -- he's embarrassed. Aw, Bright. Come here and let me hold you. Rose arrives with her parents just as Patch and Bright are heating up their argument. Bright says he busted his ass for County for four years and has nothing to show for it. Patch says he gets that, but to forget County and do it for his family. Bright shoots back that he's done plenty for their family already this year, and for once, he's going to do what he wants to do. Bright tells his dad, "Okay? So back off." The "...or I'll kick your ass, old man" look he gives Patch is beautiful. Grandma Betty comments, "Well, I'm glad to see that nothing has changed around here!" Patch's head spins around, and he projectile vomits all over Betty White.

Over in Denver, the radiologist is showing Treat some nice x-rays. He tells Treat that the meningioma has grown since they last looked at the film just a week ago, which is going to make the surgery even riskier. Treat wants to move the surgery to the n

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