Your Future Awaits

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Your Future Awaits
reminds Patch that doctors do other stuff, too, like teach...and help firefighters. Hee. Patch says he appreciates what Bright's trying to do, but his situation is beyond good advice and a sunny outlook. Bright: "Why, 'cause you're scared? I get that. I'm mastering scared right now." He tells Patch that maybe that's the point, to get something out of being scared, and that's why he didn't want to go to graduation, because he was going to be the only person who didn't know what they were doing next. "But now that I think about it, I'll also be the only one who's psyched to figure it out." Seriously, Bright is the wisest and smartest. Bright says it kind of makes him want to go -- sure, he doesn't have a plan, but someone's got to represent. Aw. Patch smiles at his son proudly. You've done us all proud, Bright! We love you! Take off your shirt!

Amy and Ephram are in Boulder, and have just had their caricatures drawn. Ephram says that's the worst picture of him ever made, and he actually had a good one of them done on Coney Island one time. They're walking up to a gazebo in some kind of square, and it looks exactly like Stars Hollow. I think I see Kirk in a tree off to the left. Amy says she bets Ephram can't wait to get back to New York. Ephram agrees that he's excited about being there over the summer; he loves the unpredictableness of it all. Amy says Everwood is pretty unpredictable itself. Ephram: "What was the last thing that shocked you in Everwood?" Amy: "Well, you." She tells him that when he came to Everwood with his purple hair last year, it was pretty shocking. Ephram says it's sad that his hair is the most shocking thing that's happened in the last sixteen years. He sits next to Amy in the gazebo, and tells her that meeting her wasn't that shocking. He says it's pretty standard that he'd move to a town like Everwood and totally fall for a girl like her, and she wouldn't like him back. Amy gives him a look. "I didn't always not like you." Ephram asks her when she ever liked him. Amy admits, "Now. I like you now." She tells him that she's liked him as more than a friend for a while, she just didn't know how to tell him, or if she should. She gives him an embarrassed smile. Aw, Amy.

Ephram says nothing but, "Wow." Then he tries to kiss her. Amy goes to kiss him back, then says, "Wait." Ephram's like, "More talking? Now?" Amy tells him it's just that he didn't seem surprised at this big admission she just made. Ephram: "I said, 'Wow.'" Heh. Amy still thinks something's up, and asks him if it was that obvious, and if he already knew. Ephram, trying valiantly to cover his and Bright's asses (mmm!), says he kind of knew, but she didn't do anything to embarrass herself, if that's what she was thinking. Amy gets all weird, saying she knows something's going on. Ephram finally admits that Bright told him. Amy can't believe it. She loses her shit and starts walking off. Ephram follows her all, "Are you crying? What's going on? Why are you crying?" Very nice, sensitive boy. Amy tells Ephram through Bangs of Sadness that it was very hard for her to tell him how much she liked him, and he knew the whole time, and she can't believe he'd do that to her. Ephram, and the rest of the world, is like, "Calm down, man." Amy says she's completely humiliated, and thinks the whole night was a sham. Ephram says he was just trying to get her to say how she felt, and why is that so wrong? Amy says it's not fair, because he tricked her into it. Ephram reminds her of all the times she's lied to him -- with her dad, and Colin -- because she knew he would do anything for her. "You played me. Well, tonight, I played you." Ouch. Amy says she thought they were ready for this, but they are obviously not, and it's horrible how they hurt each other all the time. Ephram says they can start over, and treat each other better this time. Amy pouts, "I don't want to. I just want to go home." Shut up, Amy. Commercials.

Hospital. Treat's taking a little nap in the recovery room with Triple D. A nurse wakes him to say he has a call at the nurse's station. It's Ephram. Treat gets up and looks at Triple D. The nurse says he came through great, and everything looks good. Treat smiles at his handiwork, then goes to the phone. Ephram tells Treat that he's got great news -- he got into Juilliard's Summer Program. Treat is like, "Uh...great." Then he can't figure out why he's so not excited. Ephram says they told him he was the best they saw in Colorado. Treat asks if he's told Will yet. Ephram says he wanted to tell Treat first, and he thought they could book a ticket when he got home that night. Treat says they don't have to do it so soon, do they? Ephram says he has to be in New York the next week, so kind of. Treat says they'll talk about it when they get home, except he totally doesn't want to. Ephram asks about the surgery. Treat says it went really well. Ephram: "I guess it's a great day in the history of the Browns." Treat, sadly: "Yeah. I guess it is." Aw, his little boy is growing up. Wait until he meets me, Treat.

Cut to the Abbott house. Patch is filming everyone getting ready for Bright's graduation. He's so proud. Bright comes down in his cap and gown. Patch tells him he looks dashing. Amy snarks that it's only because she had to tell him how to put his hat on properly. Bright: "It's called style, little sister. Maybe you should try it." Heh. Patch tells everyone it's time to go. There's a knock on the door. Grandma Betty opens it to find Irv and Edna standing there, and greets them, "Oh. It's you." Edna tells her it's so nice to see her, and asks her if she remembers her husband. Grandma Betty: "How could I forget? How are you, Merv?" Irv, much too graciously, tells her he's just fine. Rose ushers everyone out the door, as the phone rings. Patch stays behind to answer it. He says, "Uh huh. I see. I'm sure you know that prior to this, my record was impeccable." Aw. Patch says he understands, and hangs up. Rose comes back in to retrieve him, then sees the look on his face. Patch just gives her a big hug and says, "Come on. Let's go watch our boy graduate." There are a few tears, but it's totally because I'm drunk.

Over at the Brown house, Treat is telling Nina that Ephram got accepted into the program at Juilliard. Nina says that's great, then sees Treat's sad face. "That's not great? That's horrible?" Heh. Treat says he didn't think he'd be that upset that Ephram was going away for the summer, and he's the most selfish father in American history. Nina's official diagnosis is that Treat's exhibiting early signs of "empty nest syndrome." She also says it's even worse for Treat, because Ephram's talent could take him even further away from home than most kids go, like it did with Treat himself. Treat: "Great. These are the genes he inherits. He couldn't have just gotten my eyebrows?" Nina says that Ephram is going away eventually, and the only thing to do is enjoy the time Treat has with him now. Treat smiles at Nina and says, "Thank you, Dr. Feeny." Nina: "You're welcome, Dr. Brown." Yep. They're totally in love.

Graduation. Ephram finds Amy before the ceremony starts, and wants to talk to her. Amy tells Ephram that she's sorry, and she knows he's sorry, so they don't really need to talk about it. Ephram says he wasn't trying to apologize; he just wanted to thank her, because she's the one who helped him get into Juilliard. Amy says that's great, but she's clearly sad that he's leaving. Ephram thanks her again, and leaves her to think about what a fool she acted.

It's ceremony time. The principal is on the stage, and announces that without further ado, he welcomes them to Peak County High's graduation ceremonies. He starts with the first graduate in the class. "Harold Brighton Abbott." Oh, man. Harold! Brighton! Abbott! It's perfect. Bright is so busy looking back at everyone cheering for him that he forgets to go get his diploma. His name is called again, and he walks gleefully to the stage. All the Abbotts, and Ephram, cheer wildly. Irv tells us, "We're taught to remember the significant moments, the rites of passage. In truth, the smaller steps that get us to these momentous occasions are just as significant. Looking back, you see it's not just the high points, but the low points that define who we are -- and who we will become." Bright cheers himself on, and switches his tassel to the other side. He's so hot. And that's all, folks.

Next week on Everwood: I don't know what it is, but it involves Madison, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

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