Your Future Awaits

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Your Future Awaits
ext day instead of the next week. He tells the radiologist to get him an OR schedule, and also something called a "bipolar stimulator." Triple D tells Treat to cancel the stimulator, because he's not going that deep into the lobe. Brain surgery is dirty. Treat argues that he needs it, because he can't do a complete resection without his stimulator. Triple D says it's too late for the resection -- "take out what you can, and we'll treat the rest with radiation." Treat says if they leave any part behind, he runs the exact same risks as if they'd left the whole thing. Triple D doesn't care; he wants to play it safe and not die. This upsets Treat, but he accepts Triple D's order. Commercials.

We come back to the Abbott House of Family Fun. Grandma Betty asks Bright if he'd like some breakfast. Bright says he has to get to school. As he walks out with his backpack, he adds to Patch, "Best place ever, right, Dad?" Heh. Grandma Betty shakes her head and tells Patch, "Such a shame. I read that most problems with kids today have to do with a poor male role model." Rose gives her mother a look, and Patch says that on that note, he has to get to the office. Grandma Betty says she thought Patch's office was closed. Patch lies that everything's all cleared up. Grandma Betty says she's glad, because now Patch can have a look at Herb's boils. Ew. Grandpa Herb explains to Patch that he has some boils that need looking at. Patch says he's very busy, and totally booked up. Grandma Betty says there's no sense in paying a "real" doctor to do something Patch can take care of, and he just has to. Rose says she's sure Patch can find ten minutes in his schedule. Patch sighs and tells Herb to be there at eleven. Again...ew.

Brown House. Nina has made some delicious-looking cinnamon rolls. Treat walks in and tells her she didn't have to go to all this effort. Nina says it was nothing. She needs to bring that nothing over to my house tomorrow morning. Ephram gets up and says he's off to Boulder. Nina has to remind Treat to tell Ephram good luck. After Treat yells, "Oh, yeah! Good luck!" at the door, Nina asks him if he's okay. Treat tells Nina that the tumor grew, and that's why they had to move up Triple D's surgery. Nina: "Meningioma?" Treat gives her a look. Nina says she pays attention. Heh. She tells Treat he's going to be great. Treat thanks her, and says it's too bad his arrogant ex-mentor doesn't think so. Nina asks what happened. Treat tells her that Triple D wants to go the safe route, even when it could mean impaired motor function, and the riskier surgery could promise a full recovery. Nina asks Treat if he's considered that Triple D is just scared. Treat thinks Triple D just doesn't trust him, and he's too cocky to be scared. Nina's like, "Okay, whatever." Treat: "What?" Nina asks Treat if he knows the saying "Don't drive angry," and tells him that the same thing probably applies to brain surgery. Treat says he is angry; he's accepted that there are things in life that he can't control, but this surgery is not one of them. He says if he can't use his instincts, then he's already playing with a handicap, and adds, "If he's not coming back the way he is now, then what the hell am I doing it for?" Nina tells Treat that maybe Triple D isn't the only one who's scared. Treat thinks about this, then gives Nina a look that says, "Nah, I'll just do it my way anyway." It's nice how Treat tries to fool himself about accepting things in life he can't control.

Cut to Ephram, packing his car. He closes the trunk and Amy is walking over, dressed in a very cute t-shirt. Ephram, surprised, asks Amy what she's doing there. Amy tells him she's got a big bag of snacks for the road. Ephram: "I thought you had a big apocalypse party." Amy says she thought it would be kind of false to go to a party with a bunch of people she hasn't talked to for a year, and she'd much prefer a road trip. And a little making out. Ephram tries not to act delighted, but he totally is. He asks Amy about the snacks. Amy grins and tells him that they have many options. Aw.

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