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No Man Is an Island

Danny's chin starts to quiver. Jack catches his breath. "Time of death," he says, looking around for a clock as he takes his gloves off. He doesn't find one. "She's gone," he says. In the observation room, an enraged Danny yells, "They did this!" in Ben's face, but it's muffled for us through the glass. "They did this"? Yeah, Sun shot Colleen when Colleen was part of an armed group boarding Sun's boat. I'm starting to get a little fed up with the "we're not the bad guys" routine that the Others keep falling back on. Danny stomps out of the room, ignoring Zeke's attempts to console him. Juliet gazes down at the lifeless Colleen.

Danny stomps out to the bear cages, where Kate sees the murder in his eyes and actually recoils as he goes by. Danny unlocks Sawyer's cage, and Sawyer's too fearful to make any kind of quips; he just puts his hand over his heart and tells Danny to take it easy. Danny doesn't so much comply as he pulls Sawyer from his cage and throws him up against the bars of Kate's cage. Sawyer's monitor starts to beep. "You love this guy?" Danny yells at Kate. Kate's taken aback by the question, and Danny punches Sawyer and yells it again. And punches him again. And again. And again. And he punctuates each punch, each backhand, with, "DO YOU LOVE HIM?" It's brutal, in the most literal sense; I actually had a hard time watching it. Kate screams and cries and grasps at a bloodied, slumping Sawyer through the bars of her cage. Sawyer's making no effort to fight back, but Danny's full-on berserker; I don't think Sawyer could have done anything anyway. Finally, Kate yells that yes, she does love Sawyer. A barely conscious Sawyer is all "sweeeeet!" For whatever reason, Danny stops whaling on Sawyer long enough for his grief to catch up with his anger, and he staggers away. "Lock him up," he yells at someone, although I didn't see anyone else there.

Flashback to Sawyer in prison, reading Of Mice and Men. Wasn't Sawyer's late-onset myopia due to the fact that he hadn't read before but had been straining his eyes since he got to the island? Costanza comes up to him, says he needs to talk. Sawyer says he's busy. "It's important. Please," says Costanza.

They walk down some prison corridor, as Costanza tells Sawyer that he was right. "I loved her! And I thought she, I really thought --" he says, and Sawyer tells him that $10 million tends to change things. "That's why you never get attached. 'Cause once you care, that's when they can come at ya." Costanza asks what the woman he saw Sawyer with the other day wanted. "Something I ain't got," says Sawyer after a moment. Holding up his book, he asks if that's all, if Costanza minds if he goes back and finds out if George gets his farm. Costanza says he needs Sawyer to move the money. "The money you didn't steal?" says Sawyer wryly, although I don't recall Costanza ever denying it. "We both know I did," says Constanza, who adds that "Lila" has hired a private investigator and is going to find it. And here's why I thought this was going to turn out to be a con on Sawyer: I couldn't believe that Costanza was worried about some rinky-dink private investigator finding the money, when the government wasn't unable to find $10 million of its own money. Anyway, Sawyer declines, saying it's too risky. He starts to walk away. "If you don't help me, the warden'll get it all. He'll win. Please. Please." His back to Costanza, Sawyer smiles. The fish is on the hook. Now he just has to bring him in.

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