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No Man Is an Island

Friedmann asks what Sawyer's got for him. "The ten million's in a red Bronco parked in a Store-Quick facility in Sawgrass. Right off 441. Unit 23C. That's where your money is." Sawyer at least has the good grace to look at least a little chagrined about ratting on a fellow prisoner. The warden says, "As agreed, the last six years of your sentence have been commuted." Friedmann says that as soon as they've recovered the money, Sawyer'll get his commission. "Now, how do you want that?" and I hoped Sawyer was going to say "ones and twos," but instead he says he wants it in a new bank account in Albuquerque. Oh, right. His heart of gold. He says he wants it in the name of Clementine Phillips. I'm having a hard time deciding if Sawyer's hesitation is due to him just now getting the idea to do this, or if because it's hard to give up the money -- remember, he was already working on the Costanza con before he found out about Clementine. What I do know is that before Sawyer gives up however much money his commission is -- well, it's called a paternity test, Mr. Most Trusting Con Man Ever. "And I want it so there's no way she can ever find out who the money's from," he adds. The warden asks who Clementine Phillips is. "We done?" is all Sawyer says, so the warden, who has not changed expression once during this episode, says, "Congratulations, Ford. You just lied and cheated your way out of prison. You're a free man." Sawyer looks around, as if unsure what to do next. I'm guessing, though, that it'll involve a hooker and an eight-ball.

The sun's now up as Ben leads a cheery little hike up Heart Explosion Hill. He tells Sawyer that he wants him to see something just over the next rise. Sawyer's being "helped" (i.e. pushed) on the hike by the two Others who bickered about the chest-needle technique. "'That little place you've always wanted, George?'" says Sawyer, which Ben doesn't get. "What, don't you read? It's from Of Mice and Men." See, Sawyer doesn't know that Ben's not in the book club anymore. Anyway, Sawyer says Ben would like the book: "Puppies get killed." Heh. Ben just smiles and doesn't say anything.

They keep climbing, and presently Sawyer's pulse monitor starts beeping: it's at 125 and counting. He feels his chest, and keeps going. Soon, it's at 135, so he asks if Ben brought him up here to make his heart explode. Sawyer, look at the guys behind you. They have guns. If they wanted to kill you, there are much easier ways. Ben just sneers that Sawyer's heart isn't going to explode: "The only thing we put inside you was doubt." Sawyer looks at the heart rate monitor for help. Ben says that it is a heart-rate monitor, but nothing more. He reaches into his satchel and pulls out the bunny, number 8 painted on its butt, alive and well. That thing's been in his bag the whole time? Have fun cleaning that after your hike, Ben. Ben says they gave the rabbit a sedative, not a pacemaker. Sawyer asks how he knows they didn't just paint another bunny with an eight. Because Ben's explanation is much more plausible than "we equipped a bunny with a rabbit-sized pacemaker rigged to make its heart explode"? Ben just laughs and admits Sawyer doesn't know that they didn't do just that.

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