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No Man Is an Island

Flashback to Sawyer, here answering to James Ford, in a prison boxing match. A sanctioned one, from the looks of the boxing gloves and ring. Skinny lil' Sawyer and his slopey shoulders knock down a bigger dude, but there's no hard feelings, as the two of them discuss the fight afterwards, walking back to their cells. "The problem is, I was following your hands, not your eyes." Sawyer has a different theory: "The problem is you're old and dumb." Nothing like being gracious in victory, Sawyer.

In an open common area, there's another fight going on, only this one doesn't look supervised. In fact, it's not even really a fight in the sense of two people exchanging blows; one guy's doing all the receiving. "Who's the punching bag?" asks Sawyer. "Just got here. His name's Munson," says his buddy, adding that the rumour is Munson (one of Drew Carey's coworkers from Drew Carey's sitcom, the name of which escapes me) ripped off the government for $10 million -- but the money was never recovered. A couple of the guards intervene in the fight, while Sawyer's buddy says if it weren't for the warden stopping the fights, Munson'd be a dead man. Well, perhaps that's why STOPPING PRISON BEATINGS is part of the warden's job, pal. Sawyer's right: you are dumb. Sawyer notices the warden taking in the situation. He's played by Bill Duke, who was in Predator, Action Jackson, and the last X-Men movie. How fortunate for us that Sawyer's serving his time in Hey! It's That Guy! Penitentiary. Sawyer appears to have a different take on the warden stopping the fights: "That son of a bitch!" he mutters, as he and the warden lock eyes for a moment (the warden's too far away to have heard Sawyer).

Munson's working the prison sewing room, making something on a machine, while Sawyer pushes a janitor's cart around. There's no one else in the room. Sawyer grouses about Munson getting a plum job like "tote bag duty" after only a week, while Sawyer's been there nine months and is still "pushing trash." Munson wants to know what Sawyer's getting at, and Sawyer asks why Munson (whom he's calling "Costanza," hee) thinks the warden's breaking up the fights. He's buttering you up! says Sawyer, pointing out that the easy job is step one. "Step two: the warden'll reach out to your wife. Use her against you." Sawyer calls it a "textbook con," but Munson's skeptical of Sawyer's motives. Sawyer just says the warden's made his life a living hell, and if the warden ever got his hands on Munson's $10 million, Sawyer'd kill himself. Yeah, that's plausible.

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