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No Man Is an Island

And then, the warden strolls in, munching an apple. "He bothering you, Munson?" he asks. Sawyer sarcastically gives the warden a cheery greeting, and the warden snarls something about extending Sawyer's stay with one phone call. Then he drops his apple core on the ground, for the purposes of lending credence to Sawyer's story. Er, I mean, "because he's making Sawyer's life a living hell." "Now how about you get that trash," says the warden. Sawyer takes his sweet time picking up the apple, and glares at the warden, before dropping the core in his cart and moving on.

Back on Craphole Island, Ben approaches Sawyer's cage. "Oh yeah, the big kahuna," whispers Sawyer excitedly. Ben stomps up outside Sawyer's cage. "Lunch already?" says Sawyer. Ben ignores this and asks how much Sawyer weighs. After he gets over his surprise, Sawyer answers that he's "180, give or take." Next, Henry asks how old Sawyer is. Sawyer tries to pass himself off as 32, but Ben sneers at that, and Sawyer cops to 35. Meanwhile, Ben's stepped closer to the bars, and is now standing in a puddle of water. Ben says "good" and starts fiddling with the lock on Sawyer's cage, placing a hand on the bars. Sawyer grabs Ben's arm, and yanks him up against the cage. "Sayonara, sucker!" he crows, and stretches out with one leg to hit the food button. Nothing. He tries again and again. Still nothing. And interestingly, Ben's not struggling. "What did you do?" snarls Sawyer. "We turned it off," Ben says simply, and then he conks Sawyer on the head with some sort of club that turns out to be this kind of telescoping baton, and he goes into the cage and lays a beating on Sawyer, the likes of which we haven't seen since the last episode that featured Sawyer. Ben ignores Kate's shouts of protest, and delivers an Albert Haynesworth-esque stomp to Sawyer's head. Everything goes black.

Sawyer wakes up to the sound of Zeke bitching at Ben. We learn that it's been two days since "the sky went purple," and that the Others' coms are down, and Colleen's in critical condition, and blah blah blah, and Ben interrupts Zeke to say that Juliet's looking after Colleen. They notice Sawyer coming to. Sawyer's not too pleased to be strapped to the large table he's on and says so, but Ben ignores him and asks "Jason" (another Other) to do something. Jason walks around to the head of the table and tries to give Sawyer a thick rod with a leather strap, and tells him to bite down on it. "You bite down on it," snaps Sawyer, but it gets stuck in his mouth anyway as Ben says it's for the pain. Fortunately, I was able to cut and paste the previous few sentences from some gay Lost fan fiction. Efficient! Meanwhile, another Other is preparing an alarmingly large needle, and it looks like they're prepared to go all Pulp Fiction on Sawyer's ass. "God, I hate needles," says Ben, looking askance.

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