Everybody Hates Hugo

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The music fades out as we return to the other side of the island, where our heroes are approached by the older man who opened the door to Goofus's hatch-hole. "Um, excuse me. Hi. Back where you guys, uh, where you came from -- is there a woman named Rose there?" "Black chick in her fifties?" says Sawyer, staring at him. White Guy In His Fifties nods. "Is she, is she okay?" Michael says she is, and White Guy practically breaks down, and thanks them. Michael introduces himself, and White Guy thanks him again, and introduces himself as Bernard. Even Sawyer looks like he's getting something caught in his throat as Michael pats an emotional Bernard on the arm. Put me in the camp of knowing this was Bernard as soon as we saw him. I'm not going to say I think it was racist to assume that Otherbisi was Bernard, but I do think if he had been, I'd have been a lot more surprised by the twenty-year-plus age difference than this interracial marriage.

Back on the beach, Rose sits alone, puts an Apollo chocolate bar in her pocket, and kisses Bernard's ring, still on her chain. She smiles.

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