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Hey, Rose is back! She's doing laundry, much to the chagrin of people with a little too much white guilt. Look, laundry needs to be done. For all we know, laundry is done on a rotation. And from what little we've seen of Rose, I have no doubt that she'd tell everyone to stick it if the chore divvying was done up under a "let the black woman do laundry" mentality. So unless you see Sawyer sitting on a verandah sipping a mint julep and watching her do the laundry, no need to panic. Wait, I think I could actually see that. But still, you get my point.

Hurley strolls up, says hello, and then "Doin' laundry, huh?" Again with the stating the obvious. "Don't you want to know what happened?" he says, meaning with the hatch. Rose tells him that's his business, even though Hurley says everyone's asking him what's down the hatch. Well, Charlie is, anyway. I don't think that counts as "everyone." Rose says that whatever's down the hatch-hole isn't going to help her get the laundry done, is it? And Hurley says it sort of is. She looks at him, surprised.

Hurley leads Rose through the jungle, saying, "It's around here, somewhere," before finally finding the hatch front door, overgrown with vines. Rose looks like she really doesn't know what to make of all this. Hurley opens the door and goes inside. She follows him down the stairs, and takes everything in. "Someone actually lived down here?" she says, and Hurley says uh-huh, and she asks what it's all for, and Hurley says, "It's kind of a long story." Yeah, but fortunately there's a film. Only Jack pops up and gets all pissed that Hurley brought Rose down there. "Who else did you tell?" he asks, and Hurley says he didn't tell anyone, but…well, everyone already knows about the hatch. Hurley says it's a big job, and he needs help. Besides, Rose is cool and won't tell anyone. "Honey, I don't even know what I would say," she says. Of course, despite what Hurley says about everyone asking him, I can't say it looks like the rest of the gang is too curious.

Claire's strolling along the beach. As my wife dryly pointed out, she appears to have lost all the baby fat rather easily, not to mention quickly. I hadn't noticed, but that would be due to my mass-media-induced unrealistic expectation of feminine beauty. Well, actually I don't have that, except, thanks to this show, when it comes to plane-crash-surviving women. I have to imagine that should I ever crash-land on an island, I'm going to be awfully disappointed, unless there's a bunch of passengers en route to Babefest 2005.

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