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Wipe Out

We open on Bella actually working for a change, talking about arrangements with a customer on the phone, and she's even got a cute blonde employee. But in walks Cyrus, who's decked out in surf attire and informs her that the waves are breaking and she needs to ditch her job and come play with him. She waffles for a minute but then opts to take an early lunch after an unemployed Cyrus shows her a photo of the ocean on his iPhone. I mention the unemployed because, really, how does he have an iPhone?

There is some sort of Wave of the Year award going on this year, and Cyrus heads off to get a visor, because he can't turn down a free visor. Because he's broke. Bella takes her surfboard out of the car and carefully places it on the ground and right in the middle of oncoming traffic while she goes over to the side of the car to disrobe. Unsurprisingly, a big truck smashes her board. It's a hit-and-run, and Bella aimlessly yells at the vehicle. After she's done screaming, she sees a guy showering himself with a bucket of water. It's Shane. She says hello, but he stares vacantly until she reminds him of her name and "Mexico."

Shane Gallagher -- Baja, Mexico, 1995. Sister Hazel's infectiously repetitive "Hard to Say" is playing as Shane drops some limes on the ground. Dinner, apparently. Such is the life of a free-spirited surfer who just goes with the flow. [And can't afford to get sidelined by scurvy. - Zach] Bella's trying to get him to deal with real life and her art school midterm. She looks really bad with her hair in braided pigtails, and the dashiki doesn't help. He heads off to surf, tasking her to videotape his style. Instead, she uses one the ginormous old camera to leave him a "Dear John" letter that encourages him to buy a pair of shoes.

Back in present day, they put their clothes on (a switch for this show!) and catch up. He's a professional surfer, appears in surfing magazines and lives by the beach. He's happy to see she still likes to hit the waves. He wants to go surfing, but she's got no board. He tosses her a spare, one that's been given to him by a sponsor. He's here because he is nominated for the Wave of the Year award. [Ah. Okay. I guess that makes more sense than giving an award to a body of water. - Z] He heads off with a spear to sign autographs and catch his lunch. Cyrus shows up with his stupid visor, and he's all agog at Shane. Bella's got that I'm so hot for this guy look, which fine because he's way attractive, but there are HUGE warning flags here, gven the fact that he still doesn't appear to own a pair of shoes and hunts and gathers his food from the land. Which is all well and good, but Bella's a restaurant girl: No shirt, no shoes, no service.

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