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The next day at the beach, Bella's with her guy roomies giving them the lowdown on the Johnny sitch. Cy thinks rocker guy needs to be more indifferent, because girls like it when you ignore them. They give Bella some tough love and tell her that she's too controlling and say she nitpicks guys. Then we're at Bella's shop, where her dad is trying to fix the bar that somehow broke off the fridge. Bella's trying to talk herself into liking Johnny. She tells Daphne that Elliot took a year to say he love her and then only in a cartoon voice. But Daphne knows that Bella's never going to be into a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve.

In walks Johnny. He couldn't stop thinking about Bella. Daphne and Dad look on as Johnny and Bella candoodle in the front of the shop. Dad's uncomfortable. So is Bella. She suggests they take a walk. I want to run this shop. Free family labor, no one ever seems to get their hands dirty... Great gig.

At the beach, Johnny's suggesting a skinny dipping adventure later on that evening. He wants to be "naked in the dark ocean" with her. That is such a scary visual. She tells him that she likes him, but he's moving too fast. He starts crying. He doesn't want this "flirty-time" that she's suggesting. He wants more. Then there's tinkling, as Bella spots a billboard that says "Run."

Now Bella is at Marina's asking for help reading signs. Marina tells her they should be apparent, but sarcastically says that she'll follow Bella around telling her what to look at, if that would help. And Marina is eating Chinese food. She's a snacker, this Marina, or Bella keeps running in at meal times. Bella says that a nice guy could get hurt. Marina shrugs if off. Then Bella wants to know how Marina stays so thin. Guess she really does eat all the time. It must be an ancient psychic secret or something, because Marina avoids that issue and tells Bella that the world doesn't revolve around her. This should not be news... but apparently it is.

At the grill, Augie is trying to win Vivian over with a burger, she's not having it. Bella rides in on her bike proclaiming herself the "stupidest person in the world." The roomies don't disagree. She says she can't break up with the nicest, most loving guy she knows... again. She has to wait until he breaks up with her, she thinks about getting the Ghandi. But Vivian has some other tips for getting rid of a guy, which include Bella pretending to be really needy and emotional. Nothing makes a guy dump you faster.

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