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"You're the devil / An angel with no soul / In your heart there's a big, fat, gaping hole / I fell again / You said to taper back / Gone in the morning / Revenge is stronger than love / Revenge, you'll be single forever / Revenge, you'll die alone."

Bella stops bouncing, her friends look horrified and Johnny's giving her this mischievous evil glare that I can't help but find kind of hot. At this point my husband reminds me that I did like Eric Balfour once, since I used to like Kids, Incorporated, I'm not so sure about that, but I do like him here in this one-episode stint. The song continues as he tells her she'll be a cat lady and she'll be miserable. It's even kind of catchy. Bella just shakes her head. Guess she should have obeyed that "Run" warning sign.

The next morning in the yard, Bella's actually kind of happy. Because the song gave her all the info on why he dumped her ass. Daphne is doing some weird exercising leg-lift things. She says her career is over. Is she a stripper of some sort? Exotic dancer? Is that how she met this fiancé? Her ring has slipped off her finger. Elliot is there, offering to help search, but Bella doubts he knows what an engagement ring looks like. But he does, and he's found it. He wants to have brunch. She doesn't want to be his half-girlfriend, she wants more than bi-weekly sex. She only wants to see him if it involves Rufus. He thinks she's wrong and he walks off.

Bella's randomly walking around when she sees a sign for a missing cat, followed immediately by the missing cat. She calls the number, and the person on the other end, Tommy, remembers her from high school. Then we see Bella back in her apartment with a journal where she's listed all her ex-beaus, crossing Johnny Diamont off the list and adding Tommy. Then she retreats to the yard to hang with her roommates and her dog.

That's the first episode. Its kind of weirdly charming. A little spicier than the regular CBS lineup, and a truly odd choice to go between Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs, but I'll give it a shot. I just can't see the time slot doing it any real favors.

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