The Ex Factor

by Angel Cohn October 2, 2008
The Elizabeth Reaser Interview

ER: Well nobody has really explained to me how that is going to work. I do know that fortunes can change at any time. The psychic that I went to in real life said this could all change in a moment. So who knows how they're going to work that out. I think they're hoping it will extend and we'll find believable creative ways to keep it going.

TWoP: So are you nervous about being the star of this show and having that extra weight on your shoulders?

ER: I am. But I'm really only nervous about doing a good job. It's hard. It's a grueling sort of schedule so at times it feels like you can do better. That's kind of the only thing I get nervous about. Whether people watch it or not, obviously it's out of my hands and I really, really hope that they do. I feel a responsibility to do a good job and try to make it funny and real and all that. So that's where I feel pressure.

TWoP: You mentioned the funny, which is nice because we're getting to see a kind of different, goofier side of your acting.

ER: Yeah definitely. Especially compared to just being put away in a psychiatric hospital and having a break down.

TWoP: There's that.

ER: It's a slightly different tone. I did the pilot and literally we wrapped on Saturday night at five in the morning for the pilot and I had Sunday to take all my stuff back to L.A. from San Diego. And Monday morning I started shooting the episode where I was having the hysterical pregnancy on Grey's Anatomy and having the nervous breakdown. It was such a trip and weird and wild.

TWoP: That must have been fun as an actress to play that breakdown.

ER: Oh it was great. I loved that. I love being on that show. That's so fun. That stuff is really well written and I loved working with Justin Chambers, obviously. So it's like that was just such a dream job.

TWoP: Was it always planned that that was how Ava/Rebecca's arc was going to end? Or was that because you got this show?

ER: No. Originally it was only supposed to be seven or eight episodes for the character. And they just kept writing. The thing that's really cool about Grey's is that their characters seems to inform their storylines. I don't think they have everything mapped out all the time. It's like they're co-creating with their characters along the way that they're writing. I just think it's a really an interesting process and it leaves a lot open. I think so many times with these shows, they plan everything out and they're missing opportunities along the way. What's cool about Grey's is they're so intuitive about the characters and they're open to the spontaneity of where the story is going to go.

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