The Ex Factor

by admin October 2, 2008
The Elizabeth Reaser Interview

TWoP: So obviously they thought you and Justin had such great chemistry on screen and went with it.

ER: I got lucky. He is the best. He's such a great actor and such a sweetheart. I'm so lucky.

TWoP: So Grey's really brought you to the attention of fans. But now you have this show where you are the star, and you're in the Twilight movie. Are you getting overwhelmed with the new-found fame?

ER: Well... I honestly it doesn't feel like anything has changed at all, except that I don't sleep as much. That seems to be the only noticeable difference. I love it and I've been trying to be an actor ever since I was a little girl. I just am so humbled by the experience. It's been really great.

TWoP: How do you explain The Ex List to people who aren't familiar with the show?

ER: It's a romantic comedy. The whole premise is that my character Bella Blooom goes to a psychic randomly at a bachelorette party and the psychic says, "You've already met and dated the love of your life and you're supposed to marry him. And if you don't find him within a year you're going to spend the rest of your life alone," and so it begins this quest to find love. The motivation is really pure for Bella. It's not about finding a man. It's not about some desperate idea of marriage. It's about love and connection. And it's hilarious. Because you do really ridiculous things when you're trying to fall in love.

TWoP: Right. And there's all the awkward situations going back to somebody you'd been with before.

ER: Oh god. It's so funny seeing how the guys have changes or how I've changed or how in fact they haven't changed. That's a real problem. It's just fun 'cause I think most people can probably relate this idea of [feeling like] somewhere in your past you missed someone that slipped by or having the one that got away. It's really sweet and romantic but not in a sappy, gross way. Hopefully.

TWoP: It's very funny and there's a couple of scenes I was surprised to see on CBS or on primetime TV. Like the merkin storyline. It was a little bit racier than I expected.

ER: It's funny. I guess I don't know enough about that stuff. When I first heard that it was racy. I was surprised, which says more about me than it does about television. But I guess that is really racy. A merkin is definitely a newer term or it's an old term that most people aren't familiar with. I happen to have known what a merkin is cause I saw a play a long time ago about restoration comedy or something and they were talking about a merkin.

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