The Ex Factor

by Angel Cohn October 2, 2008
The Elizabeth Reaser Interview

TWoP: I don't think it's a bad thing. Just that they're pushing it a little more than we typically see on network.

ER: Oh yeah. I think it's great. If you just bullshit everybody all the time, it's got to have different colors. These are single people in their thirties. There's going to be some raciness, hopefully. I guess CBS is completely open to that. I think if it's true to the story, they are really compassionate about these stories and about Bella. So I think it's really about, "are we telling these stories and are we doing an authentic job with it?" So that seems to be the focus. I think we're lucky to have this kind of support.

TWoP: With this cast, you all seem to be having a good time. Is it a fun set to be on?

ER: It is. We have the best crew. We shoot in San Diego and they're all pretty much locals. They are so cool and nice and funny. I have the best time and it feels like I'm hanging out with my friends. Sometimes we shoot at the beach, and I remember one day at Tory Pines beach and it was gorgeous and at lunch we were all swimming in the ocean. That's something I've never done on any other job.

TWoP: So what sort of stories can we expect in the next couple of episodes?

ER: We have one called "Mama's Boy" that's hilarious. This guy is a mama's boy and it originally broke us up, and in the flashback we see that. And it's hilarious and fun to revisit him 'cause one of the first things he had me do, one of the first dates we go on in the present day, is his mom's unveiling. She had died the year before and he has an unveiling and he invites me to go with him. It's like oh my god what is happening? It's happening all over again. It's hilarious.

TWoP: Great.

ER: We have one where I dated a cop, Michael Weaver. We have a surfer boy episode. Which is hilarious. This guy is a big wave pro surfer and kind of like a rock star guy. All the guys are really different. It's really cool.

TWoP: Have you pitched any of these based on bad dates you've had?

ER: No. I think it would be too tragic.

TWoP: That's sad. I'm really sorry.

ER: They're better at it. The writers all sit around talking about their bad dates. They've got plenty. I have good dates on the show. So much of the show is me getting to fall in love every week so that's fun too.

TWoP: Just a couple quick questions on Twilight. How was filming that? Was it a fun experience to play a vampire?

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