The Ex Factor

by Angel Cohn October 2, 2008
The Elizabeth Reaser Interview

ER: It was really fun. We shot in Portland. It's a really cool city. I don't know if you've ever been there. It was fun because we had this really young cast and they were just a horrible influence on me. They liked to go out a little bit. I was just blaming it all on them. So we definitely had a good time. But it was intense shooting in the freezing rain in Portland in the middle of the woods. It was a gorgeous location and I loved the book so much. I'm excited for it.

TWoP: Oh so you're a fan of the books?

ER: Yeah I loved them.

TWoP: Me too. I'm very excited by it. So you get to play the sort of mom-ish character in a weird way. How was that for you?

ER: Oh it was fun. I mean it was so interesting. I felt that I was...most of the cast is really young and I felt like I was like 75. It got to me. (Laughing) Was it fun? It was fun hanging with the kids for a while. I liked it. I loved the character. I could definitely invest in her for sure.

TWoP: Great. Now for The Ex List, we've heard there's a little upheaval behind-the-scenes but everything is still good?

ER: You're talking about Diane?

TWoP: Yes. With executive producer Diane Ruggiero leaving the show, is everything still on track?

ER: Unfortunately they don't tell actors anything. All I know is that Diane resigned and I adore her and absolutely respect her decision completely. And at the same time I'm really excited about doing the show. I definitely feel like we have awesome writers and amazing producers. Honestly, I don't know enough about it to make a comment.

TWoP: As long as the show hasn't changed.

ER: No. I haven't noticed.

TWoP: Okay cool. I wish you the best of luck. I enjoyed the pilot and I'm looking forward to more.

ER: I'm so glad you liked it. That makes me feel really good.

TWoP: My Fridays are boring now. So it's this and Ghost Whisperer...It will be a nice little night for me.

ER: Oh good. Friday I feel so wiped out I just want to hang out at home. So hopefully other people will watch it.

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