Exodus, Part I

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Arzt and rafts

Sweet! An extended musical montage with no dialogue, just people hugging and saying goodbye. That always kills lots of recapping time. There's Charlie collecting a message from Shannon, and there's Mercutio shaking hands with some bearded guy who I think is the guy Demian thinks is hot, and there's Walt hugging Vincent, which made me hug my own dog, especially since she was being walked by a couple of friends a couple of nights ago and she ran away from them, and I spent a good while driving around looking for her, formulating all kinds of nightmare scenarios, since Fort McMurray is surrounded by wilderness, and it turns out that Emma just ran all the way home, several kilometres. She knew her way home. See what I mean about her being the smartest dog ever? She was allowed to sleep in the bed that night. And there's Claire bringing Turniphead along, and Jin shaking the little baby's hand and kissing his forehead. There's Mercutio tentatively hugging Sun after they both attempted an awkward, platonic handshake. There's Jin hugging Charlie. There's Walt hugging Shannon, like, attaboy. There's Charlie handing the messages in a bottle to Sawyer, and both smiling at each other. This is like graduation day or something. There's Sun and Jin making out some more, and you have to imagine that they wish they'd forgiven each other much, much earlier. There's Sawyer, looking around, presumably for Kate, but she's not there.

There's everybody pushing the raft into the water, and everybody waving and yelling and clapping and cheering. And there's Vincent, Walt's Friggin' Gift to Shannon, barking and straining at his leash, and he breaks away from Shannon and dashes off into the surf after the raft. Walt starts yelling at him to go back, but Vincent swims and barks and Walt waves him back. And finally Vincent turns around and heads back to shore, which I don't entirely buy, but that's fine. And the music wasn't that ominous or anything, but given that sharks patrol these waters, sharks patrol these waters, my heart was in my throat the whole time, and I had promised that every episode from now on would be given a grade of F if anything had happened to Vincent, but fortunately that didn't happen. He swims back to Shannon, who might want to hold onto the damn leash this time.

The rafters (we need a nickname for this thing) hoist the mainsail, which...has a hole in it? Okay, I'm no boatsman, but I think I would have known to do something about that. But everyone cheers anyway. And Mercutio and Sawyer shake hands, and Mercutio hugs his son, and Walt says, "We did it!" and Jin and Sun throw smouldering looks at each other across the water.

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