Exodus, Part I

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Arzt and rafts

Locke and Jack are strolling down the beach, with Jack pointing out that Rousseau is nuts; after all, she did blow up her own shelter to avoid being found again. "She's not playing with a full deck," says Jack, and Locke says that just because the woman's crazy doesn't mean she's wrong. Could maybe one of these guys at least try to remember Ethan kidnapping Claire and saying that they wanted the baby? Doesn't that make Rousseau's dire warning seem a lot less nuts and a little more, what's the phrase I'm looking for…oh yes, "already happening"? Jack says Locke can deal with "what ifs," but he prefers to deal with the tangible. Like this raft that they happen to come across with perfect timing! Jack asks Mercutio how things are going, and Mercutio says that he was hoping to shove off today, but once they get the rudder finished, they still have to lay down the rails to get it to the beach. Jack asks if it wouldn't be faster to do both jobs at once. What he doesn't point out is that the water is like ten feet from the boat, so laying the rails down isn't going to take forever. Mercutio says he has a "manpower shortage." Jack asks him what he needs. "Pretty much everybody," says Mercutio, like that's some kind of brilliant plan: if everybody on the island works together, the job will get done the fastest. Wish I'd thought of that. Jack asks for twenty minutes and scoots off.

So Jack has grabbed a group of the extras, and instructs them to get a bunch of palm tree logs, even though Mercutio's instructions weren't that specific, and take them over to the raft. And as the five extras peel off, we hear an "Okay!" and a "Let's get at 'er!" and you just know that those two extras are delivering those lines with as much gusto as they can muster in the hopes that they'll get noticed by J.J. and get an actual speaking part, like Art.

So then immediately, everyone (or at least enough of everyone to circle the raft) is using the logs as levers to lift the raft onto the rails. Even Shannon is helping, and I'd like to know how that little miracle occurred. Mercutio counts everyone in. Much grunting and straining, and good progress is made, at least until the raft gains a little momentum and goes off the rails, and I guess parts of it break. Mercutio starts yelling at Sawyer because he missed a lever or something, and Sawyer yells that it's not his fault Mercutio couldn't keep the thing straight, and you'd think both of them do this sort of thing all the time, the way they're acting like experts. Fortunately, Walt interrupts the festivities to point into the jungle, and everyone looks. Claire squints, and when she does so, she looks uncannily like Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean it. If you taped the episode, have a look, you'll see what I'm talking about. Got any ideas what they see? Yep: a long plume of black smoke. Jack stomps off in search of Rousseau.

She's shining and loading her rifle, like, what a ray of sunshine she adds to the camp, and Jack asks her how many of them are there. She says she's told them everything she knows already. Sayid says she must know more. Translation: all you've said is "the others are coming," you stupid bint. She says there's a bigger problem: she can vanish into the jungle, but she's just one person (that person being, apparently, a French ninja). "You're forty people. Where will you hide?" Locke looks at Jack.

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