Exodus, Part I

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Arzt and rafts

On the beach, Jack's addressing his troops. "Look, I know you're all scared. And I know everybody has a lot of questions." He says that all he can tell them is that they have a plan (they do?) and that they're going on a little trip to get some supplies, and they'll be back in a few hours. While they're gone, everybody else should help Mercutio finish the raft, and then when that's done, they should all head to the caves. Nobody even says anything, despite them apparently having "a lot of questions." As the group breaks up, everybody's favourite new character, Art, says it was a nice speech, but the plan's flawed. Jack's all, what do you know, and Art says he knows the plan is get some dynamite, blow open the hatch, and hide everyone inside. Jack stops walking, and looks at him. "You wanna keep a secret, don't tell the fat guy," Art says. Jack wants to know what he wants. Art says "God knows how long that dynamite's been out there," and points out that "Madame Nutso" doesn't seem all that concerned with safety. So unless you want to blow up, Art's coming along. Jack consents, telling Art to get some water bottles.

On the beach, Mercutio's explaining to the assembled workers that they can salvage the cable, but they're going to need new bamboo for the mast. Jin starts yammering away in Korean, and Mercutio says, "We need to fix the rudder before we even start worrying about that," which made me laugh. As they discuss the repairs, Sawyer strolls up and asks if he can help, and he gets COMPLETELY ignored, Mercutio and Jin striding right past him. "Hey, this wasn't my fault! So put me to work!" Sawyer insists, and Mercutio tells him, "No offence, but we just work faster this way, okay?" Jin's still jabbering, and Mercutio yells, "All right! All right! What do you think I'm doing over here?" Heh. Sawyer looks chagrined, which is a word I really should use more often.

And it's time for a Sawyer flashback, with him getting shoved into a seat in that same police station we saw him being dragged into during God's Friggin' Gift to Flashbacks, only this is his second visit. The cop seems to think Sawyer needs to be reminded of this. "Three nights ago, you were hauled in here thrashing and fighting," he says. Sawyer glares at him. "As you were being escorted by, you kicked my desk," the cop continues, showing Sawyer the broken mug (which has pictures of the cop's kids on it, which he's glued back together, instead of getting another one made for like five bucks). "Nice kids," says Sawyer. The cop tells him that breaking the mug wasn't the biggest mistake Sawyer made that night, saying that the man Sawyer headbutted that night was Australia's minister of agriculture, fisheries, and forestry. "He headbutted me," growls Sawyer. "We have witnesses he did no such thing," says Koala Briscoe. "Of course," says Sawyer, smiling. "You think this is funny, James?" Sawyer's smile fades. "James Ford," says the cop, opening a folder, and rattling off a long rap sheet, consisting mainly of fraud and scams. Sawyer asks if this is going somewhere. "You're a blight. A stain. A scavenger." Okay, we get it. This guy's the bad cop. The cop tells Sawyer he's a con artist who preys on the weak and the needy, and asks him how he lives with himself. Sawyer says he does just fine. The cop tells him that Sawyer's not even worth what it would cost to incarcerate him. "Which is why," the cop says, slapping an Oceanic ticket on the desk, "you're being deported." The macho posturing continues from Sawyer, even as he's being dragged away and told not to ever come back to Australia again. Sawyer tells the cop not to worry.

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