Exodus, Part I

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Arzt and rafts

Back in the island, Sawyer is in the jungle, hacking away at some bamboo. He's taken his shirt off, which pleases some, and freaks out others with his sloped shoulders (they're seriously at a forty-five-degree angle). He's quite pissed, and looks to be taking out all his frustrations on the bamboo.

Moments later, the bamboo's on the ground, and Jack strolls up, asking if Sawyer was a lumberjack in real life. Sawyer, not completely unfriendly, asks if there's something he can help Jack with, 'cause he's got work to do. Then he bends over, and looks back at Jack. Um. Is he presenting? Jack hands him a gun. "You're the only one on the raft who knows how to use one," he says. Sawyer wonders what they'll need a gun for. Well, pirates, anyway. Or just use it to go fishing! Jack says it's just in case, and Sawyer asks if it's for when they run out of food and need to put Walt out of his misery, which I found really hilarious for some dark reason that I probably don't want to think about too deeply. Jack repeats, "just in case," and starts to head off. Sawyer asks what he's doing with the rest of the guns, and Jack says he's giving them to Sayid.

So Jack tries to leave again, and Sawyer, despite saying he had so much work to do, starts making small talk. "Going into the jungle after the boomsticks," he says, like, who talks like Sawyer anyway, and he says that by the time they get back, the raft will be in the water. "Guess this is goodbye, then," he says, and Jack agrees, and offers a "good luck," before once more trying to head out. And Sawyer looks all conflicted, and this is like some romantic comedy where the woman is leaving, and the guy who always just been her friend is trying to come up with the courage to tell her how he feels. Only this is going to be about Sawyer telling Jack how Jack Daddy feels. As he puts his shirt on, Sawyer tells him that about a week before he left Australia, he was in a bar drinking (I'm sure this piques Jack's interest) and started talking to this American doctor. "I've been on some benders in my time, but this guy was going for an all-time record." (Jack wonders, "Is this me? Because I don't remember this, but then I guess I wouldn't. He's talking about me!") Sawyer says it turns out this guy has a son who's a doctor too, and they'd had some big-time falling out. Jack's eyes are boring right into Sawyer. "This guy knew it was his fault, and he knew his son was back in the States thinking the same damn thing." Jack's face switches from "suspicious" to "haunted." Sawyer morphs into Dr. Phil for a second, explaining that kids are like dogs: if you beat them enough, they'll think they did something to deserve it. Jack doesn't say anything, and Sawyer explains that this guy -- "Christian," he says -- told Sawyer that he wished he had the stones to go over to the pay phone and call his kid, to tell him he's sorry, and that he's a better doctor than he'll ever be. Jack's lip practically starts quivering, and looks away. "He's proud. And he loves him," says Sawyer, quietly. Jack's facing away now, just about crying. Hell, I'm just about crying. "I had to take off," says Sawyer, watching Jack, "but something tells me he never got around to making that call." Jack shuffles his feet. "Small world, huh?" Jack finally croaks out a "yeah." "Good luck, Jack." Jack composes himself, and nods. They look at each other a moment, before turning their backs and going their separate ways, without even kissing. Commercials.

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