Exodus, Part II

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I was blown up by a pirate ship

The dynamite's wrapped, and Arse says they're not going to take any more than they need, because nitro is extremely temperamental. And given that, and given him hectoring them on the danger, is Arse really going to start waving the dynamite around? I doubt it -- but I like it. The dynamite blows, so suddenly that no one even has time to yell, "Noooooooooo!" But the other Goonies are thrown backward. We get an extra-special belly-cam shot from Hurley, who sits up and says, "Man, I can't believe that Arse just blew himself up!" (Pronounced "dude.")

We're back in the airport lounge with Jin and Sun, only this time we're apparently watching it from Jin's perspective, which includes some Sun sandwich-cutting that I don't remember from her flashback before she spilled the drink on Jin's lap, but I guess that's no biggie. Also, we get subtitles this time, which we didn't before. Not that they're very illuminating or anything, just Jin asking where the restroom is, and nothing about his sexy wife helping him out of his wet pants.

He strides off, and we see Sayid being escorted by a couple of airport security dudes, one of whom says they're sorry for the inconvenience, like please explain to me where this ridiculously apologetic airport is so I can take all my air travel out of there, please, and Sayid says, "I'm sure you are," not sincerely but not angrily either, and the airport security dude points out that Sayid's bag was left alone, and Sayid just asks if he's free to go, as he has a plane to catch.

Jin washes up in the bathroom. The man at the sink next to him asks him for some paper towels, after finding his dispenser broken. Jin's at a loss, so the dude realizes he can't speak English, and he helps himself. And then says, "Here's a paper towel." In a nice little surprise, he says it in perfect Korean. (And since paper towel in Korean seems to be a phonetic approximation of "paper towel" in English, then I think that Jin might have figured out what the guy was asking for, especially as he was also pointing at the paper towel dispenser, but WHATEVER.) Jin's quite surprised, and the guy glances at him. "I work for Mr. Paik," he says. Jin's like, "Oh shit." I'm relatively certain that the guy doesn't need to tell Jin that Mr. Paik is Jin's father-in-law and employer, but that's what he does. "You've been following me?" says Jin, and the guy is like, "That's a big 10-4." He says he knows Jin was planning to run away, but he's going to take that watch to Mr. Paik's friend in California. "You do anything else, anything, you will lose her." Don't steal my Sun-shine, says Jin's face. "You are not free. You never have been, and you never will be," says the guy. Oddly enough, this is exactly what Sars said to me during our last contract "negotiation." Jin watches the guy leave the bathroom. Did he ever actually wash his hands? 'Cause that's just nasty.

At the moment, though, Jin does look free, as he rides the raft with a smile on his face. His blissful reverie is interrupted by Walt, who points out small mountains on the far side of the island. "How does a place this big never get discovered?" wonders Mercutio, which is begging the question as to whether the place actually hasn't been discovered, but that doesn't matter. Sawyer says they could build a hell of a resort here, like Sawyer is some kind of resort genius, thinking people would want to come to a tropical island like this. "You build your resort. I'm happy to say goodbye to this place forever," says Mercutio. And Walt asks about the people they've left behind, and Mercutio says he hopes they can save them. And for some reason Sawyer is singing all over Mercutio and Walt's lines, like all of sudden Sawyer likes to burst into song, and it's a good thing he's singing Bob Marley, and he and Mercutio bond over it. Ebony and ivory, rafting together in perfect harmony. Even Jin has this look on his face like, "Dude, sing it. Marley. Righteous," so I guess he's into island rhythms as well. Too bad Sayid didn't rig them up a CD player.

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