Expedition Impossible
And Then There Were Four

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Completing the Impossible

The Moustaches have hit the halfway point first. Gypsy Eric says they proved to everyone already with their consistent winning of stages that they're the strongest competitors and they'll take it home today. Geez, Eric, please leave us with that last shred of hope that we couldn't have just crowned the winner after the first episode. Gay Angst crosses the halfway point second and takes a great interest in seeing who is going to cross the halfway point next, and thus who is going to be eliminated. Out on the trail, Really Limited is doing OK, but Erik definitely is uncomfortable. He's yelling out for his horse to slow down. The football players are still in hustle mode, trying to make up ground on Really Limited, but it proves fatal. They ride their horses too hard and Akbar gets thrown off. We watch this unfold from Akbar's first-person camera. This isn't like Lindsey getting thrown from a camel. This is real thrown off. He lies face down in the dirt and is in extreme pain, which is really scary because he's a large man who we assume has a high tolerance for pain. The sounds he makes are so anguished you expect that when he gets up there'll be a bone sticking out. He gets up and is in too much pain to answer his teammates who keep asking if he's OK. That is, until he just says, "Let's go," in a pained and defeated way that could easily have been, "Let's just get this over with," instead. He says in TH they're just hoping now that someone got lost up ahead of them. No such luck. Really Limited has already crossed the halfway point. Akbar's Players slowly walk their horses across the halfway line. There is no Akbarism. Just... nothingness. Akbar tells us he wasn't just in physical pain, he was in emotional pain. Salmoni makes their elimination official. He asks what happened. Strangely, Akbar mentions being thrown off the horse, but nothing about the boat. The helicopter is already waiting for the football players to board. The remaining three teams watch them lift off, but there's not a lot of interest there. They're probably just happy to be getting a short break. Farewell TH from Robert says he's done things he never thought he would do in this lifetime. I've said that one before, Robert. He adds that it's an amazing feeling to do it with two guys who were friends and are now like family. I have not said that one before. And just like that, the fourth quarter is finally over. Salmoni turns to the three teams and reminds them that the finish awaits. They'll find it in the ancient city of Marrakech. Teams will race to three Ford Explorers waiting to be driven 22 miles through the Agafay Desert to a checkpoint in Djemaa El-Fna Square. The remaining teams are lined up on the starting line, eager to start the second half of the stage. Salmoni makes them wait as he is wont to do: "Your expedition continues... Now!" They take their first steps toward the finish and...

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Expedition Impossible




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