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Completing the Impossible


Brief replay of Salmoni starting the teams on their way and a reminder that the current part of the stage involves driving an Explorer 22 miles to Marrakech to get to a checkpoint in Djemaa El-Fna Square. AJ calls the run to the Explorers the hardest run of the expedition. It really doesn't matter once all of the teams have piled into the vehicles... I forget what type of vehicles they were. Chevy Suburbans? The drive keeps all of the teams close together and they talk amongst themselves. Blind Guy Erik thinks he's even surprised himself at how fast he's been able to move with the sighted folk. Gratuitous Explorer feature shot of Fab Ryan turning a dial to some sort of mud mode before going across a low water crossing. Whatever. The Moustaches arrive at the market. AJ says in TH that after everything it's amazing the three teams are still neck-and-neck. The next set of instructions inform the teams of their next checkpoint at the Saadian Tombs, but it's written in Arabic, so they'll have to find a local who will translate it and give them directions. Team Gay Angst is clever and decides to just stay right behind Moustaches. Really Limited is doing a decent enough job of maneuvering through the crowded marketplace with Jeff taking his usual lead of Erik. At this point, they have no idea where the other two teams are, but still feel they have a shot at catching up in such a high-traffic area. The Moustaches reach the tombs barely a minute ahead of Gay Angst. The instructions are to use a new map with drawings of different designs of doors depicted (alliteration!) on it. The doors will serve as landmarks to guide them through winding walkways with lots of dead-ends until they reach a secret entrance to the Badi Palace prison. Really Limited has the misfortune of asking a local for directions who has just given directions to the lead teams that are on the next quest. They're pointed in the same direction and end up headed toward the prison without the appropriate map. The Moustaches spot the first door on the map and are really annoyed by how closely Gay Angst is following them when, all of a sudden, Really Limited show up. Jeff notices immediately something isn't right. He asks about the map Moustaches are referring to and compares notes with the old instructions he's carrying. Moustaches tell Jeff Really Limited needs to backtrack because they missed a checkpoint. They're all like, "Sorry, dude; we've got a competition to win," as they leave Really Limited in their dust. Jeff TH: "We just blew it." Jeff explains the situation to Erik as they turn back and they're just really frustrated. After all of the physical adversity they've overcome, losing on a mental lapse would be a bitter pill to swallow.

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Expedition Impossible




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