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Previously: We get a recap of Ike's ankle injury and his toughing it out last stage. Kari's illness slowed Team Gay Angst. The S.W.A.T. proved they can be contenders. Akbar And The Players formed an alliance with AJ and Gay Angst. The Valley Girls were completely inept at a challenge that required them to think and suffered elimination at the hands of Team Really Limited despite Ike. Five teams remain.

It's morning at overnight camp. The hot topic of discussion remains Ike's sprained ankle and the fact Really Limited staved off elimination despite it. Jeff jokes that putting Ike and Erik together could make a whole man. Instead of simultaneously yelling out, "Hey! Dick!" Erik and Ike laugh because they know everything Jeff says comes from a good place. The Moustaches overhear all of this and laugh. Taylor says there's been a division in camp with Team Gay Angst and Akbar's Players noticeably bonding and The Moustache's own affinity for Really Limited. He says this in voiceover as we get some flashback footage of AJ and Ricky's conversation last episode. Not surprisingly, The S.W.A.T. are sort of left out in the cold because they've pretty much been the least charismatic team in the whole expedition. In TH, Akbar pumps himself up by saying it's time to go hard or go home.

The teams have assembled in Tillouguit Village. Can you believe we're already at the 9th stage? It seems like just yesterday The Moustaches were winning and... Oh. Right. This stage is going to be a one-day event and will set up the 10th and final stage between four teams. Teams will make their way through the village to the river's edge where they'll take on a guide and pile into a four-man raft to paddle down the Ahansal River toward a mule bridge. The Moustaches get their head start and we're reminded by John in TH that he still has a bad ankle. The remaining four teams start all together as one group after Moustaches. Kari notes that her and Dani of S.W.A.T. are the only girls left in the expedition. Kari's motivated by competing with guys, she says. With the same conviction as Kari, Jim of S.W.A.T. says his team needs to represent all police across the country. I suppose that counts as motivation.

On the way down to the river's edge, Gay Angst is in 2nd, Akbar's Players 3rd, S.W.A.T. 4th and Really Limited has fallen to last on Ike's bad ankle. Ike says that it's tough because they expected to win, but parts of the stage like the rafting gives them a chance to gain ground with him off his feet. An awesome detail here: Ike's cast is filled with signatures in this TH. The teams all pile into their rafts and Akbar says it's no secret that football players are not water boys. Akbarism: "We've had enough of the surf and turf. Let's just keep the turf." Like clockwork, Akbar's team lags in the water. Really Limited is able to pass them and S.W.A.T. to claim 3rd place behind Gay Angst. S.W.A.T. manages to crash up on a rock and has their raft fill up with water. They fall 20 minutes behind the other teams before they're able to free themselves.

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