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The Moustaches arrive at the first checkpoint, which informs them that the next checkpoint will be at a resupply area at the top of a ridge where boxes were airdropped by helicopter. Teams have to solve a riddle and use the answer to unlock their resupply box -- which has a word lock on it -- and get the next set of instructions. The riddle is: "Sometimes you pass by them and sometimes you go inside them. However, lately you have been spending a lot of time between them. What are they?" The Moustaches agree it must be "canyons," but when they arrive at the lock, it only allows for five-letter words. Gay Angst catches up while Moustaches have trouble figuring out the riddle. AJ figures it must be a plural answer so he has his team start with an "S" at the end and try to figure out a four-letter word. All teams except for S.W.A.T. have arrived at the word lock and are working to figure it out.


We return with a slight replay of the word lock situation and AJ talking about his plural idea. The Moustaches realize they must be on the wrong track and start surveying the area around them. They start thinking of words related to rivers and quickly come up with "banks," which unlocks their lock. The next checkpoint is on a river bank. Teams will get back in their rafts and paddle down river until they reach "the soup," a muddy water area they'll also have to paddle through. Kari figures out the riddle next as Moustaches take off toward their raft. AJ gives Kari sort of a backhanded compliment in TH and says he's proud of Kari for doing something she'd be the first to admit she's not really good at doing -- being smart, I guess. The S.W.A.T. are just now arriving at the word lock and are even further behind because Kari decides to give Akbar's Players the answer to the riddle, as per their alliance. The Moustaches do the same to help out Really Limited. Since this effectively nullifies the alliances and any competitive advantage they would've created, we're treated to a TH with AJ calling The Moustaches out for pretending to like Really Limited when it's obvious they just want them to stick around because they can easily beat them. One-way cattiness is not nearly as entertaining as competition. The Poor S.W.A.T. figure out the riddle all on their own and make up some time.

Back out on the rafts, Moustaches are gossiping about Gay Angst giving the answer to the riddle to Akbar's Players. They agree they want Gay Angst out of this competition. The Poor S.W.A.T. make a really big move here. They're able to pass up Akbar's Players, who continue to struggle in the water and eventually pass up everyone to take 2nd place behind Moustaches. Gay Angst starts bickering again because AJ doesn't think Kari is paddling as hard as him and Ryan. He takes another opportunity to remind us that he was yelled at by Kari the whole time he was sick. Way out ahead of everyone else, The Moustaches are marveling at the beautiful canyon they're paddling through until they spot the soup. They consider whether they're supposed to get out of their boat, but realize they'll have to paddle through the muck. In TH, they say it was the consistency of wet cement. They get to the next set of instructions after uttering every incarnation of "yuck" and "ugh." From here, teams must trek up the canyon wall to the lakeshore where they'll pick up traditional tin Moroccan boats to paddle 1.2 miles to the next checkpoint at a rocky beach. This trek up the canyon side is bad news for Really Limited. Ike reminds us yet again he's been through more difficult situations in Afghanistan, but Erik tells us that Ike's ankle is really swelling up. He adds that he and Jeff have to decide how far Ike can go and watch out for him. Team Gay Angst makes a move on foot to pass up Poor S.W.A.T. for 2nd place. Meanwhile, Akbar's Players are in last place and Ricky finds a life jacket lying on the trail and picks it up, thinking it might belong to Gay Angst. It turns out it belongs to Jim and Poor S.W.A.T. now has to backtrack to find it. Ricky spots Jim backtracking from the top of a hill and drops the lifejacket to buy Akbar's Players some time to pull ahead of them. Jim yells out in frustration as he goes back for his life jacket and throws a rock. Hard.

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