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Because of the general struggles on the water for Akbar's Players and Poor S.W.A.T., Really Limited is able to catch up to them at the instructions for the cave. The three teams arrive at the cave pretty much simultaneously. Akbar says he thought it would be a massive cave and was mortified to find out he would barely be able to squeeze through the entrance, but not enough to keep him from asking, "Where's Batman?" when he finally makes it in. The remaining teams are all scrambling through the cave together, looking for the pot they need. The bad foreshadowing -- which has admittedly been rather absent recently -- rears its ugly head again as Rob admits that the cops have a tendency to rush these challenges and miss something. Akbar's Players find their pot first and they're off. It comes down to Really Limited and Poor S.W.A.T., with Really Limited informing us in voiceover: "If we don't find it first, we're in trouble." Blind Guy Erik is told the pot he has picked up is not the right one and he yells out in frustration. The yell voices over an outdoor shot of the cliff side housing the cave. Why's Erik mad that he grabbed the wrong one? He couldn't possibly know anyway.


Rob tells us it was hectic in the cave with the two teams scrambling to find their instructions first. Jeff reminds us they need to find it because they're limited by Ike if it comes down to a foot race, but just as he says this, Jeff sees Poor S.W.A.T. grab their pot and run without even looking inside. Rob says in TH they didn't look for instructions, they just left. A dejected Jeff finds the appropriate pot near the mouth of the cave. He says they had to do their best to just charge forward in spite of the obstacles, knowing that Poor S.W.A.T. and Akbar's Players were at least fifteen minutes ahead. At this point, the cops realize they have no idea where to go next. They're lucky to spot Akbar's Players up ahead of them and try really hard to catch up in hopes they can share instructions. That's a good plan, except football player Robert says that seeing Poor S.W.A.T. hot on their heels lit a fire under the team. They run right out of the cops' field of vision.

Out in Wonderful Gypsy Land, The Moustaches claim to not even be sure they're out in the lead. That's awfully nice of you to make us feel like there's a real competition going on, guys, but we're not dumb. Oh wait... Team Gay Angst actually has a shot at catching Moustaches on foot possibly, sort of, almost, maybe. We get the careful editing treatment so we can't really tell where the two teams are in relation to each other and then we cut to Dave Salmoni waiting. Always waiting. All of this manufactured drama, but we always knew it was Moustaches. They cross the finish first and secure themselves a head start in the final stage. They high five Salmoni. Team Gay Angst is still all smiles as they accept 2nd place. AJ tells Salmoni their only goal so far was to make it to the final stage. Then, we cut to AJ crying in TH about being so proud of Kari and Ryan. OK, the cynical part of me wants to remind him about all of the bitching that's been going on and assume this is just AJ's hopeful audition reel, but I think this is genuine, guys. Back at the finish line, he asks Salmoni to wear teal tomorrow and they walk off. Akbar's Players cross next and Salmoni immediately jumps into a football metaphor, saying nobody wins football games in the 1st quarter. It's the 4th quarter now. Akbar says he hopes the rest of the teams know they're coming -- as opposed to going, I guess. Meanwhile, The Poor S.W.A.T. is completely lost while Really Limited slowly and steadily catches up and starts to build a lead. Jeff says they were just getting ready to be flown out until they reached the top of a hill and spotted Poor S.W.A.T. looking very confused. With Really Limited in their field of vision, the cops decide to follow and hope they can catch up in time to overtake them. It's a dreaded foot race for Really Limited.

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