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Replay of Poor S.W.A.T. spotting Really Limited a little bit ahead of them. Jeff says at that point his team's thinking, "Let's just see what happens." Really Limited has no right to win out on a foot race, we've been told since Ike hurt his ankle, but they might have just enough of a lead to negate that. Salmoni squints from the finish line, trying to get a view of what's happening off in the distance. The other teams have gathered and are watching the race as best as they can from the finish. Really Limited appears on the horizon, prompting AJ to snip at The Moustaches for obviously rooting for Really Limited. John seems insulted and replies, "They've got a blind guy and a guy with a broken leg. How can you not root for them?" That statement sums up the sentiment of anyone who really enjoys this show right now. Salmoni turns to the teams at the finish line to tell them it's going to be a photo finish. Even The Moustaches are like, "Whoa, really?" They start letting loose with cheers. Salmoni calls out to both teams to finish hard as Moustaches yell for Ike to run. We hear gypsy Eric tell his teammates there's no chance in a foot race for Really Limited with Poor S.W.A.T. having caught up. Then, HOLY SHIT! Really Limited comes running to the finish! The music swells as Jeff and Erik cross to cheers from Moustaches. Jeff does a victory lap while Ike crosses and just collapses slowly face first with joy. Salmoni makes it official and tells them they've clinched a spot for the final stage. Erik is smiling so big and we catch a glimpse of Ike smiling from the ground. Erik's says he's in shock just as The Poor S.W.A.T. walk up, knowing they've been beaten. Rob's like, "Eh, we tried," before Salmoni can even say anything. He makes their elimination official. Jim says in TH it was tough going out on a mistake and you can't make mistakes like that when you're going up against these good teams. Salmoni says he's proud of them and they say they're proud of themselves. Jim says they're the team that almost made it, and that's how he'll always see it.

Helicopter. Jeff calls out to The Poor S.W.A.T. while they make the walk to the chopper, telling them to keep making Concord, Massachusetts a better place. In final team TH, Rob does all the talking. He says it was the toughest mental and physical thing he's ever been through and they didn't expect to make it this far. They think they did well despite not being so physically fit. Football player Robert says they've learned a lot and it's the 4th quarter now. They want to be the ones to make the big play and win the game. Kari says she had zero doubts they'd be in the final. And now she's the only girl, so she's motivated that much more. Back at the helicopter site, Salmoni turns to the remaining four teams and says, "You have all come a long, long way to get here. I want to wish you all luck." He directs the teams to head to camp. Jeff says he told Ike as they entered the camp that he needed to cut off his cast because it's just going to be a burden in the final stage. Ike has the medical staff cut it off and holds it up like a trophy above his head as Jeff's TH continues. He says he has no idea what to expect in the final stage. It's like the final chapter in a book he can't wait to read.

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