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Camels! Again!


Lindsey peels herself off the ground and doesn't look like her head is caved in or anything. No blood, no nothing. Not even a scrape. But it's kind of scary that she's not aware if she was stepped on or not. Concussion? Internal trauma? Something? Nino comes over to ask if she's OK. She's fine, so he takes off. This fiasco causes WGIYNIKA to fall to the back of the pack. Other teams have already arrived at the olive mill, where they'll have to load six olive oil barrels onto their camels to transport to the lakeshore so they can form a raft to paddle to the next checkpoint at the nearby Island Kasbah. Akbar is the first to attempt to ride his camel with barrels in tow, and gets thrown clear. He quickly recovers. The S.W.A.T., in fifth place here, read off the instructions in amusement. Once they get things loaded up, Akbar And The Players end up neck-and-neck with The Moustaches and Rednecks, but The Rednecks use their expertise with construction and rafting to jump out to a huge lead. Jason of Rednecks says as much, as we see them make it halfway across the lake before any other team hits the water. Akbar on this southeastern phenomenon: "Mississippi River takes them everywhere." Somewhat Limited is in fourth place at this checkpoint. Jeff says all challenges have been visual thus far, as we watch Blind Guy Erik uselessly ask to help carry barrels and his teammates wave him off. The Moustaches trail closely behind The Rednecks in second place with Akbar And The Players in third. Player Robert blames the wind and players' size for difficulties. Hearrrrrrrd it.

Finding Nino is in seventh here, but Joe seems to think in TH they're in direct competition with Somewhat Limited (fourth) and WGIYNIKA (ranking not listed at this juncture). Joe says he doesn't want to get beat by girls or a blind guy. I got news for you, guy. If you're that insecure, you've already lost the game. Fireman Mike commends the girls in the competition for all the heavy lifting and physicality they've endured. He can sense they want to get the guys out. Then, it's time for this episode's telegraphed moment. For some reason, we're treated to WGIYNIKA's Mac putting on her water shoes and declaring she's not wearing socks like everyone else. This couldn't possibly be vital information. She complains some more about missing out on normal, 18-year-old things like her prom for this. Pff... honey, you can get felt up in the back of a camel out here after dancing if you want. The Rednecks and The Moustaches arrive at the island as Grandpa's Last Expedition flounders in last place. To top it off, their camels run off with their barrels. Dagnabbit!

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Expedition Impossible




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