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In the night, the wind has picked up greatly. It's a baby sandstorm and some teams find it hard to sleep. The next day, Salmoni states the obvious -- the weather will be a factor and he reiterates today is elimination day. Do we even need this guy? Today's itinerary will have the teams hiking along the nearby river into the wind to a checkpoint where some ancient pillars stand (or were erected for this competition, making them totally not ancient at all). The Moustaches and Rednecks start out simultaneously because they finished thusly yesterday. Somewhat Limited, Akbar And The Players go next, followed by Finding Nino, The S.W.A.T. and Team Gay Angst. Salmoni takes this opportunity to remind Mac how bad of shape she was in yesterday and asks if she's good to go. She says she's OK. NY'sWCE, Grandpa's Last Expedition, WGIYNIKA and Valley Girls bring up the rear. TH for Brittany of Valley Girls rehashes the storyline that the girl teams don't want another girls team going home.

I'm sure this sandstorm is relatively mild as far as sandstorms go, but wow. This thing is rowdy. Low visibility and the teams are having trouble just walking. Kelsey asks Mac how she's doing. She doesn't want to talk about it or think about it. Snip snap. The visibility is so bad The S.W.A.T. is relying almost entirely on GPS to navigate. The Moustaches arrive first. Each "ancient" pillar has a combination lock (yup) on it. The combination is written in code on the scrolls the teams have been carrying since the first checkpoint. To decipher the code, the scroll needs to be wrapped around the pillar candy cane style so the numbers will be visible in the correct order. There is no huge disparity in when the teams arrive at this challenge. Amazingly, The Rednecks figure out the puzzle first. All of the teams start trying to wrap the pillar correctly. Jeff politely explains what's happening to Blind Guy Erik here. Seriously heartwarming -- the bond these guys are sharing through this expedition. Despite that, twice their deciphered code doesn't open the lock. Again, The Rednecks have a breakthrough first. From here, they'll hike one mile to the next checkpoint at a foot bridge where they'll find instructions to the finish line. The rankings at this point are Rednecks, Somewhat Limited, Moustaches, Akbar, NY'sWCE, Team Gay Angst, S.W.A.T., Valley Girls, Grandpa, WGIYNIKA and Finding Nino -- in that order. All teams solve the puzzle pretty much simultaneously except for Finding Nino. They are completely flummoxed and are left standing alone in the blowing sand.

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