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Can't Look Before You Leap

Akbar's Players has jumped out to a big lead. Close behind them is Somewhat Limited, but they're slowed a bit by a long stretch of staircases on the way to the waterfall. Jeff has to call out to Erik about the length of steps on the long staircases because they alternate between patches of short steps and longer ones. The S.W.A.T. manages to catch them because of this. Back at the rugs, Team Gay Angst and Finding Nino are the only teams left. The situation seems even more hopeless now because there are only two rugs left to find in the massive pile of hundreds. AJ is beside himself. He tosses a rug onto the camera.


We're still going through rugs with Gay Angst and Finding Nino. Kari says it was so embarrassing to fall to last place after starting out in first. To top it off, Finding Nino finds their rug before them. AJ is stewing in his own juices, but it quickly becomes apparent the fishermen can barely read and comprehend the instructions they should have already read. They have no idea what to do with their rug, and Joe says as much in TH. AJ is one part thankful, and one part snip-snap about Finding Nino not being too bright. Before the fishermen figure out what to do, Ryan is able to find the last rug. Gay Angst passes up Finding Nino who end up five minutes behind everyone else.

Akbar's Players, Somewhat Limited, S.W.A.T. and The Moustaches are all already well on their way to the next checkpoint at the waterfall. The terrain proves tough for Somewhat Limited and S.W.A.T., so The Moustaches is able to overtake them and claim second place. And then there are some random shots of the waterfall and some monkeys here to kill time, I guess. Akbar's Players reaches the top of the waterfall first. The instructions are to choose whether the team wants to jump from the 40-foot cliff into the water, which would be fastest, or wade through at the bottom. The football players are not even going to chance relinquishing their lead so they decide they will jump, and it's a good thing because The Moustaches arrive right as they're preparing to make the jump. Football Player Robert says if it hadn't been a competition, there's no way he would jump that cliff. Akbar's the first to make the jump. He emerges and says the jump was spectacular in an aside with the cameraman. Here we get our Akbarism for the episode: "I was up in the air like *cartoon whistle accompanied by upward glance*." The Moustaches has no hesitation following Akbar's Players on the jump. Still on the way to the waterfall, it's Somewhat Limited in third, S.W.A.T. fourth and Valley Girls fifth. When Somewhat Limited gets there, it's pretty obvious Erik is worried about making the jump. In TH, he talks about what could go wrong. It would be important for him to stay upright and could be a disaster if he were to hit a rock. Jeff describes the drop to Erik optimistically as being 30-feet when it's actually 40 and tries to give him a little pep talk. He assures Erik they'll do it together, and as has been the trend thus far, Erik trusts him. They take a few moments together on the edge of the cliff to situate themselves so that Erik is right next to Jeff. Erik's totally terrified, but Jeff keeps telling him exactly what to do and where to be. He finally tells Erik to take his hand, he counts to three and man love happens. They jump together. We cut to commercials with them in mid-air.

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