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Can't Look Before You Leap

Once unlocked, the paddles will be used to kayak down the rain-swollen river through rough rapids. That sounds really tough, actually, and it'll be 4.5 miles until teams reach some goat cave with the next set of instructions. Akbar's Players is able to jump out in their kayaks ahead of The Moustaches. Back at the paddles, S.W.A.T.'s Rob gets to the symbols in the cave and realizes he has no idea which one to pick. He just picks one and it turns out to be the wrong key. As we watch his team try to get the lock to open, Rob's voiceover says, "You don't pay attention, you don't follow the clues, you're going to end up going home."


We're reminded The S.W.A.T. has picked the wrong key for their paddles and they'll have to backtrack. There's been no change in ranking here, but Team Gay Angst and Finding Nino are making up ground on the middle teams. AJ takes a huge risk when he gets to the cave in search of the camel symbol. He just randomly grabs one. Lucky for him, it happens to be the right key and they're able to pass up The S.W.A.T., making sure they're not competing for last place. That's now the worry for the cops since Finding Nino is catching up. Both teams quickly get the correct key here.

Out at the crazy rapids, teams are starting to have some trouble. Gypsy Eric even thinks the rapids were pretty big and he and his team are very experienced at kayaking. Akbar's Players starts flipping their kayaks, allowing The Moustaches to pull in front. Akbar flips his kayak so bad The Moustaches actually grew concerned when he didn't resurface for a while, but he ends up being OK. The middle teams also have a lot of trouble keeping their kayaks straight. Valley Girls, Somewhat Limited and Rednecks are just not making any progress, so it gives Team Gay Angst an opportunity to make a big move to jump into second place. This kayaking challenge is decidedly more dangerous than previous outings. The rapids are so loud Blind Guy Erik can't hear Jeff calling out directions to him. He runs into a large rock, flips and gets pinned under his kayak. First-person camera submerged in water.


Close-ups of those raging rapids. Oddly enough, there's no replay of Erik flipping his kayak or anything to extend the drama of a blind man nearly drowning. No, Erik just hops back up on his kayak like it wasn't a big deal. But it was! As boring as this show generally is, in this episode we saw a blind man jump off a cliff and survive a flipped kayak. Erik, I know you can't read this unless it's in braille or you have one of those robot voice thingies, but please, please demand your own show after this one's over. We want to see you do things blindly. We salivate at the idea of you being put in peril. America needs you in these dark times. In TH, Jeff says Erik ended up being fine, but Jeff was really anxious when he flipped and it was really important he didn't let Erik hear it in his voice. Pff... Jeff, Erik has superhuman hearing. He heard it in your voice. He's just a badass.

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