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The teams following are NY Firemen, Cops, Fab 3, Fishermen and Grandpa's Warriors. Ellie, the mom of Mom's Army, keeps her daughters in line with what she's learned through her love of horseback riding. Conversely, California Girls struggle from lack of any experience with horses and are lagging behind in last place. Their inexperience is painfully apparent. "They should make butt pads for this thing." Team leader Christina says the team all met in college and bonded over their driven, athletic demeanors. She claims she has a plan to win this thing. She says this as we watch the girls sit atop their horses motionless, bringing them to a slow trot at best. The best laid plans of horses and Cali Girls.

Gypsies are first to the checkpoint. Country Boys a close second. The instructions for finding the next checkpoint are trapped at the bottom of an urn in the Kasbah. Teams will need to fill a bucket to get water from the nearby reservoir and pour it into the urn to reveal the scroll with the instructions. The challenge is that small buckets actually hold more water because the larger buckets have leaks. Gypsies quickly notice the holes in the large buckets and take off with a small one. Football Players naturally grab the biggest bucket they can find. When they notice the leaks, Ricky takes his shirt off to try to line the bucket and stop the leaks. Team Kansas' Kelsey admits it was nice to see Football Players shirtless. Team Kansas also grabbed a big bucket. No Limits in fifth place chooses a small bucket, but they have a huge mental lapse when Jeff and Ike completely forget about Erik and leave him alone to fend for himself in unfamiliar terrain. Jeff admits it was a "stupid, stupid mistake," as we watch Erik perilously trek down uneven steps with his walking sticks.


Blind Guy Erik's alone still. Jeff's still beating himself up about the brain lapse which left Erik by himself. He and Ike reunite with Erik and what follows in Jeff's TH is either really honest and introspective or kind of dickish. Based on how he has watched out for Erik thus far, we can probably give him the benefit of the doubt it's the former when he says he really had to leave his individual expectations at the door for this expedition because of Erik. "I can only go as fast as my brother can go."

Gypsies, Country Boys, No Limits, Football Players and Team Kansas are battling for the lead in this lame challenge. Seriously -- gathering water again? Team Kansas needs two girls to carry a big bucket together. When they nearly drop it, Kelsey warns they "can't get bickery with each other." Bickery. Yup. NY Firemen, Cops, Mom's Army, and Fab 3 all deal with the bucket challenge easily. Jim from Cops says he's been working with the SWAT team for 13 years and working as a unit is what they're used to. Fab 3's Kari confides that she finds it irritating how bossy her brother AJ can be, but she says this as AJ smartly overrides her choice of bucket. She, however, has a point about his leadership complex. As he leads them off, he coaches his team. "Deep breaths, everyone." Gah.

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