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Abbie talks about mom losing kayak and panicking. Mom is completely rattled. All she can say is it scares her. Because of all of this, California Girls manage to pass up Mom's Army and get out of last place.

Gypsies are first to the next checkpoint yet again. Instructions: "The map that leads to the finish is locked somewhere inside the dwelling of the village craftsmen. Search through dozens of lamps for the correct one which lights the way." Teams will have to search through an assortment of Moroccan lamps, which are basically encasements for candles, and use the projection of light from their flashlights to highlight a point on their map. Gypsies figure out the puzzle before Country Boys and Cops -- who are in second and third place, respectively -- can even get there. The lamp illuminates the "old bridge" on the map. The final stretch is just a two-mile hike down a winding canyon in search of the bridge. The finish line is right there, but it's hidden by a nearby stone wall, which you'd like to think is sort of a suspicious structure out in the Moroccan version of the middle of nowhere. Country Boys and Cops solve the light puzzle quickly and follow closely behind Gypsies.

NY Firemen and Football Players encounter the same problem Country Boys had with extra weight in the water while kayaking. Your Akbarism for this challange: "Let's just say it's this hate/hate relationship. Kayak hates me and I hate kayaking." NY Firemen's Kevin "Fathead" bounces his fat head on jagged rocks when his kayak flips, but luckily his helmet and fat head protect him.

The remaining teams are all pretty perplexed by the light puzzle. Fishermen's Nino takes this opportunity to say he and teammate Joe fight a lot because Joe always does things his way. This in voiceover as Joe insists on taking more time on the puzzle after they've already found the correct answer. They find themselves in seventh place at this point, behind Grandpa's Warriors and Fab 3. California Girls have made up ground and are now in tenth place. They and Team Kansas work together to solve the light puzzle. Mom's Army has fallen to last place as a result of mom's struggles with kayaking and are in a race with NY Firemen who have no idea what to do with the lamps.

Commercials, including extended Ford Expedition commercial/sweepstakes promo.

NY Firemen's Rob says that his team was fully aware at this point they were in second to last place. They and Mom's Army both lean toward going to a location on the map signified by a goat because they're able to partially highlight it with the light projection. Honestly, I don't see why the teams didn't all just say screw it and go to the goat. Both teams finally find "old bridge" on the map. Mom's Army is still in last place after finishing this puzzle. THs for Rob and Abbie both say the same thing. If they push they can avoid coming in last.

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