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Gypsies and Country Boys approach the old bridge. Gypsies spot the stone wall blocking the finish line first and investigate. They come into the blocked-off area and are greeted by Dave Salmoni, who awkwardly declares them winners of the second stage of the expedition. Country Boys enter the room shortly after in second place. That's still not good enough for Nick: "It was a terrible day for us." The Cops were right behind Country Boys after the light puzzle, but get lost on the path to the old bridge. They have no idea what path to take, so they fall behind badly. No Limits overtakes them and claims third place. Blind Guy Erik says he was really proud of their effort. Really it's just amazing Erik did the horseback riding and kayaking without incident. Football Players, Fab 3, Fisherman, Team Kansas, Grandpa's Warriors and California Girls finish next in that order and with little fanfare. Cal Girls Christina glows about how happy she is with her team for coming from behind to survive.

Meanwhile, Cops, NY Firemen and Mom's Army are all completely lost. The Cops decide to retrace their path back to the riverbed and pass by NY Firemen in doing so, advising them not to go the way they just came from. Cops' Jim admits losing confidence while Rob of NY Firemen talks about the mental strength you have to draw on when facing the adversity of going into a fire -- you can't just rush in. NY Firemen take a moment to convene before proceeding: "This is a game-changer. Gotta be sure we're right."


So, Cops and NY Firemen are lost. This is disconcerting not just in the context of this show. There's some rehashing/replaying of the confused moments before commercials here. NY Firemen's Mike explains that they decided not to follow The Cops after realizing they were lost. Mom's Army is in the same predicament, but a team TH is all about how the daughters are happy to have their mom with them even though she slowed them down at the kayak challenge. They believe they're strong as a unit. All of these THs are about finding strength and what drives these teams. Cops' Jim says failure isn't an option and every mistake eats him up. NY Firemen's instinct to not follow The Cops pays off and they make it to the finish first to secure tenth place. Mom's Army and Cops are shown spotting the bridge at the same time, but obviously there's an editing disconnect here to make the race appear closer and not tip who arrived first. It's The Cops. They're so relieved when Salmoni gives them the news and admit they had a rough time out on the trail. Mom's Army arrives and gets their bad news. Mom immediately blames herself, but Salmoni offers the daughters a chance to help their mother save face. "You guys must... uh... be proud of your mom." Both girls quickly are like, "Oh yeah! Who's mom does this?" Salmoni tells them he'll assemble the other teams and bring in the helicopter to send them home.

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