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Pain Is In The Mind. And Probably In Your Leg, Too.

The Moustaches arrive at the rappel. Like usual, the front-runner gypsies need to talk about the picturesque scenery to keep themselves sane for lack of competition. The view from the top of the kasbah is definitely beautiful, to be fair. Moustaches have no issue with the rappel. It's pretty much old hat at this point. Akbar And The Players, Team Gay Angst and The S.W.A.T. get their start. In probably the most misguided TH yet, Kari talks about her constant pushing of her teammates being the reason they've gotten where they are. Then, it's pretty standard BS -- if they don't make mistakes and communicate they'll do fine. Akbar's Players pass up Really Limited and Valley Girls on the rappel. They've come to really enjoy rappelling, Akbar says. The Valley Girls, on the other hand, probably hate it. They've had their troubles in the past, and that doesn't change here. Natalie slams into the cliff side and bangs her knees pretty bad against the rock. Brittany slams herself in the exact same spot Natalie did. Down at the bottom, Akbar's Players are trying to gain ground on The Moustaches. Akbar says the whole vibe of the expedition has changed now there are fewer teams. It's definitely more competitive. The Moustaches must be thinking the same thing, but just as they're saying they need to be ready for a long day ahead of them, John rolls his ankle again. Bite the bullet and shave your legs so you can tape that shit, guy.


With The Moustaches and Akbar's Players out ahead, Gay Angst and S.W.A.T. make the rappel without problems. Valley Girls are still waiting on Christina whose rope has gotten stuck. She gets it fixed, but not before they fall to last place. Really Limited are in third despite Ike being in a lot of pain. Erik says Ike will keep going until his toes fall off. The Moustaches arrive at the instruction at Lake Bin Waiting For Your Ass To Get Here. Teams must inflate two kayaks and paddle to Prison Island. Akbar's Players arrive as The Moustaches begin inflating. Yet again, we have to hear about Akbar's disdain for kayaks, but he's got a point that this time is worse because there will only be two kayaks for three people and he has enough trouble being one man on one kayak. His team decides it's best if he shares a kayak so that they have the power of two men paddling it. Good in theory, but Akbar eats it immediately as Robert tries to give the kayak a push start and it flips, throwing Akbar off the side. Most teams see this kayaking part of the stage as an opportunity to make a move for better position. AJ's barking out orders to Gay Angst in hopes they can move up. Jeff says that they have to view these areas as opportunities to capitalize on Ike not being on his feet. The teams are all making a go of it except for Akbar's Players who are struggling and fall to fifth place in front of The Valley Girls.

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