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Pain Is In The Mind. And Probably In Your Leg, Too.

With the day over, teams sort of relax in the overnight camp. Erik says to Ike he should've sprained his ankle sooner if it was going to get them a first place finish. Jeff says it was a galvanizing force to finish the day first as we see Really Limited greeted by The Moustaches. Gypsy Eric says if anyone was going to overtake them, they're glad it was Really Limited because of the bond they've formed with them. An even greater compliment comes from Akbar, who says the men of Really Limited are the standard he'll use when he teaches his kids what toughness means. Stop it, Akbar! You're not supposed to make me emotional, you're supposed to confuse me. Oh wait, I guess you've achieved that here. New tactics. I can dig it.


The next morning at the camp, everyone's stretching and preparing for the day. AJ and football player Ricky are having a little secret sidebar discussing what teams they think can be knocked off today. It's our first really dark and sinister alliance type scene. It's subtitled because they're trying not to let anyone else hear and the conversation is intercut with shots of the people they talk about, going about their business, not knowing they're being talked about. They name off the teams with injuries and how bad they think they are. AJ thinks Really Limited is very vulnerable with Ike's injury and they also mention Natalie's knee and John's ankle. For AJ the ideal thing would be for either Really Limited or Moustaches to go down. AJ and Ricky agree they'll help each other out if it comes down to a challenge. AJ says it's not really an alliance, which it really isn't. It was more of a conversation about which teams are ailing, and it's kind of sad that's as close as we'll probably get to a cutthroat alliance in this competition.

Really Limited gets their three-minute head start. Here is the TH from Jeff that was used in promos leading up to the show's premiere. He says everyone has to be thinking a blind guy's been beating them most of the competition and it must sting a little now there's a guy with a hurt leg, too. The S.W.A.T. and Moustaches start next, and the cops have to be feeling pretty good about this position they're in. Rob says as much, and thinks they have a shot at getting first place today. Akbar's Players, Gay Angst and Valley Girls follow. Brittany says the Cali girls feel ready to go, but challenges are still an iffy thing for them. She then looks on the ground and sees her foreshadow. This leg of the stage involves swimming back to the shore of the mainland and then a looooooong hike to some farm ruins. The camera does its familiar, stylized swoop over the terrain that will be traversed and that swoop over the hike part is really long, even in semi time lapse. Ike's ankle would swell up just watching that brief preview of what's to come.

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