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Pain Is In The Mind. And Probably In Your Leg, Too.

Really Limited reach the water and begin swimming. It's odd to see everyone swimming by lying on top of their bags, but I suppose that's the only way they can bring their gear with them. The swim ends up being somewhat of an equalizer. Valley Girls pass up S.W.A.T. and The Moustaches transition quickly out of the water to reclaim first place. Very quickly it becomes apparent Ike is lagging behind on the hike and AJ reveals Kari's got a stomach problem and has been running off to the bushes frequently. They're still able to pass up Really Limited, as is every other team. Jeff, the total dude he is, just says to Ike it's OK, they can drink beers tonight. Ike insists they're not giving up, and Jeff concedes that they won't, but he's really making an effort to ensure Ike doesn't feel any dishonor in any of this. They suppose there's always the chance someone makes a colossal mistake. Meanwhile, Akbar's Players get the idea to try sprinting past all the other teams on the hike. They're able to move up to second. Out ahead of them, John's ankle is bothering him and he starts getting mad the team has been going too fast for him. It's a bit of first-world problem compared to Ike being pissed at himself for causing his team to be in last place. Again, Jeff just says to enjoy the day. It's really become hard not to like these guys. They actually do start enjoying the day. Blind Guy Erik says it's weird that because of this open space they're in he's unaware of his surroundings for the first time in the expedition and it's kind of nice. The terrain of the long hike is a beautiful open plains area with sporadic bushes. It would've been the ideal terrain for Really Limited before Ike's injury.

Team Gay Angst has pushed up to third, but Kari needs to stop again. The interesting issue here is Kari needs a bush to be able to do her business, but bushes are a little hard to come by. Ryan says it's not like you can just stop at a gas station. The S.W.A.T. pass up Gay Angst while they're waiting on Kari. AJ is mortified because, as he says, "Kari screamed at [him] for five days when [he] was getting sick and [he] kept going." Ryan is amazingly level-headed and understanding the day after he and AJ went at it, and says they don't need to give Kari a life lesson right now and just need to focus on themselves and continue on. AJ yells at Kari to get her ass moving and she yells out, invisible behind a bush, for him to shut up.


The Moustaches get to the next set of instruction first, which say the final instructions are buried there at the farming ruins. To find them, they'll need to use an ancient form of navigation -- two poles and a chain. Of course! Their current set of instructions has a series of questions, the answers to which will provide the compass bearing they need to use with the poles and chain to navigate to the dig site. Akbar's Players get to the challenge next, as Moustaches are figuring out the first question: "How many points are on the star on our host nation's flag?" That would be five, which means the first coordinate is five degrees on the compass. Team Gay Angst manages to catch up and reaches the challenge third. The teams are having no trouble answering the questions. "The average adult camel has two more teeth than a human." Akbar knows the answer is "thirty-four." The S.W.A.T. and Valley Girls arrive at the challenge in that order with Really Limited completely behind the pack. Ike says his pain is getting worse. On a scale of one to ten, it's a ten. Jeff suggests they stop and wait to be picked up, but Ike just wants to finish the day. Erik astutely points out Ike's assessment of his pain is on a soldier's scale, so it should be taken very seriously.

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