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Pain Is In The Mind. And Probably In Your Leg, Too.

Back at the weird poles challenge, Akbar's Players and The Moustaches are in fierce competition to finish the challenge first. Akbar thought it was the perfect time to strangle The Moustaches. Both teams start digging for the last set of instructions and easily find them. The instructions give the final coordinate to the finish. As the two teams take off to the finish, Team Gay Angst realizes they got one of their answer wrong and have to backtrack a bit. For all Akbar's tough talk about strangling gypsies, there's no relief to their endless tyranny. They claim first again. Akbar's team looks completely dejected as they accept second place, and deservedly so. Who else is tired of The Moustaches always winning? Show of non-haired upper lips, please. Not sure how this makes sense, but Ricky says the competition is now like the playoffs in football and it's "win or go home." They did not win today. Gay Angst and S.W.A.T. dig up their instructions and head for the finish in that order with no incident.

And then comes the train wreck. The Valley Girls are doing the challenge completely wrong. They have no idea what they're doing and Christina somehow gets the idea they should be adding up all the numbers they get from the answers to all the questions. They all but give up and start digging random holes. Natalie sets the women's movement back a million years: "This is why girls ask for directions. We don't have to figure it out. We just ask. Men have to figure it out." You didn't just lose the right to vote, ladies, you now lost the right to not be dragged by your hair by a Neanderthal. Gay Angst takes the third place finish with AJ taking the opportunity to clear the air about the fighting. He tells Salmoni that no matter the outside appearance of them always fighting, they just have a unique bond and love each other very much. The S.W.A.T. finish fourth and are sufficiently proud of their team. Back at the challenge, Christina asks again "Doesn't it seem like we should just be adding this all together?" and Natalie's just digging everywhere. They notice Really Limited isn't there yet as if they are waiting for some men to come save them. Shortly after, Jeff is casually telling Erik that it seems like they're upon a challenge when he suddenly notices The Valley Girls are still there. He tells Erik what he's seeing and Erik's like, "No [way]." The Valley Girls are reservedly excited to see Really Limited on their way because they figure they'll get some help on the challenge, but, girls, you overlook these guys just hiked all that way and this is a competition. They have something different in mind. The Really Limited men start to get a move on. Ike hops on one foot toward the challenge as the camera pulls back to show The Valley Girls all squatting in exhaustion/frustration at their challenge area. "This sucks," they lament.

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