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Airplane one. Taylor and Jeff are excited to do their jump. Jeff asks Taylor if he's ever done this before and he just nods affirmative. Jeff reveals he's done it twice. What the crap? He seemed nervous about it earlier when he realized he'd have to do it by default for his team and he's done it twice before? Stop playing with us, Jeff. Taylor's out of the plane first and... OK, this is stupid. He's attached to another man's chest. Our contestants aren't actually skydiving themselves. They're simply attached to the chests of trained skydivers like baby kangaroos. Jeff's up next to be a marsupial. He's having a blast, hooting and hollering. When he calms down, he pulls out his map and spots a symbol of someone swimming atop a roof. According to the map, it's the symbol for a river crossing. Meanwhile, back at the airport, Ike's getting medical attention from the show's staff. They're doing the routine feeling of the ankle for protrusions and registering how painful to the touch it is for Ike. The other teams are in the hangar gossiping and saying how much it sucks for something like this to happen the way it did. If you're going to break your ankle, at least do it going all out to the finish line, AJ boasts. He says he wants to beat them, but not like this. Chad sits with Ike to ask what happened. Ike repeats to him the history of his surgery after Afghanistan and his worries that he's broken his ankle. The guy examining the ankle says the test he's performed is positive and he wants to take Ike for an X-ray. Ike asks if it will take them out of the race -- not really sure if he means going for an X-ray or the injury. The guy says it's possible. Ike starts getting teary-eyed. Cops Rob hunches over Ike and tells him there's no shame. Chad tries to lighten the mood and help Ike save face by saying Somewhat Limited is still fast with him like this. Ike repeats he just doesn't want to let his team down. Damn, y'all. This kind of sucks.


Ike is lifted into the hangar by the medical team. We cut to Taylor and Jeff landing awkwardly under the men who actually did the skydiving. Blind Guy Erik is there at the landing site waiting. Jeff almost immediately asks where Ike is. Erik gives Jeff the bad news and Jeff wonders aloud what this means for the rest of the stage. We cut to "Dr. Jessica" of the show's medical staff in an aside to the camera crew, who says they have told Ike he needs an X-ray, but he insists on foregoing that so he can finish the day. As she finishes saying this, we see Jeff and Erik helping Ike hobble off on one leg. Jeff says you'd need to cut off Ike's leg to keep him out. They get in their Explorer.

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