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Airplane two is Christina and Kari. Airplane three is Ricky, Jim and Jason. Christina talks about nerves as she sits with her legs hanging out of the plane. Jason is all about this being the opportunity of a lifetime. The girls jump and Kari's having an absolute blast. She says it's the coolest things she's ever done. Nobody had any issues with spotting the symbol on the roof during their jumps. Once everyone has landed, it's Gay Angst third, Valley Girls fourth, Rednecks fifth, Akbar's Players sixth and The S.W.A.T. last. In Somewhat Limited's Explorer, Jeff is telling Ike he needs to be honest with him and Erik about how bad his ankle is. Ike's life is more important than this competition if it's possible he could do long-term damage. Ike thinks a minute before saying a bit unconvincingly he thinks it'll be fine. Right behind them in their Explorer, Team Gay Angst is talking about Ike's injury, too. AJ says to no one in particular he wanted to beat Somewhat Limited the old-fashioned way. They expect they'll pass them up because there's no way Somewhat Limited can beat them in a foot race right now.

The Moustaches get to the river crossing first. It's a short swim across the cold river and then a one-mile trek to the next checkpoint at a wooden sign. As Somewhat Limited arrives at the river, we're told by Jeff that Ike has had a fiberglass posterior splint applied to his ankle inside of his wrap. That's how we're seeing him miraculously walking with the help of two walking sticks into the river. Jeff doesn't have to, but he tells us anyway in TH what we now realize: He is responsible for the health of two grown men in addition to himself. The three men seem to have no problems swimming across the river. Still far ahead of the pack, The Moustaches get to the next set of instructions at the wooden sign. They'll have to decode a message from the activities listed on the sign to find out their next destination or trek two miles through rough terrain for a clue to the solution of the code. We're let in on the solution being that the first letter of each activity depicted is an anagram which spells out "kasbah," which is where the finish line is. The Moustaches stare at the sign for, like, thirty seconds and Taylor figures it out immediately. From the sign, it's 3.7 miles to some rocky terrain which leads up to the kasbah and the finish.

Making their way to the wooden sign that The Moustaches just left, Somewhat Limited is having trouble keeping Ike from running. He insists on not being the reason the team falters today. A potential reason for faltering is that they realize they've lost their map as they arrive at the sign. They politely step aside as Gay Angst and Valley Girls reach the sign and start trying to figure out the code. Very quickly, Gay Angst decides to take the two miles to get the clue for the code. It's a rather bizarre decision with two other teams there with them since most of these puzzles end up being solved between teams and they had already said they didn't expect Somewhat Limited could compete on foot. In any case, they take off and Somewhat Limited was already sort of trying to look over the shoulders of The Valley Girls at their map so the two teams decide to work together to solve the puzzle. They figure it out rather quickly thanks to Jeff. Natalie calls Jeff "Mr. Smooth" in TH and is fine that they were used for their map since they used Somewhat Limited for their brains. Off on the trail with Gay Angst, AJ is insistent they're quick enough to do the remaining mile and make sure they can solve the puzzle with the clue. Kari's crying at the possibility the other teams have already figured it out. It's not that serious, girl. There'll be other puzzles.

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