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Back at the anagram puzzle, Team Gay Angst is just dead. There's no other way to describe how beaten they are by this puzzle and the circumstance in which they have to try to figure it out. AJ's just lying on the ground staring at the various activity icons on the wooden sign and Kari's bawling. Ryan THs that they really thought they just would not solve this puzzle. The team has no clue even after going out of their way to get a clue.


We're reminded Gay Angst is stuck on the anagram puzzle. Ryan says they made a big mistake and should've stuck with the pack. AJ, the pragmatic person he unwittingly is, just starts saying aloud what he's seeing of the activities depicted. Almost magically he just considers the possibility it could have something to do with the first letter of each one. He's almost disgusted with how easily he figures it out from there. The team hops up and figures they might still have a shot since Ike is on a broken ankle. In reality, they're twenty minutes behind The Rednecks who are in sixth place.

The Moustaches finish first with no real fanfare. How awesome would it have been if Salmoni had been there waiting to offer them tea? Alas, Salmoni doesn't care about being entertaining. Salmoni only cares about Salmoni. Close behind, Somewhat Limited finishes second. "Are you kidding me?!" Salmoni actually sounds excited. Jeff THs about how proud he is of Ike for sucking it up. Salmoni: "Ike, what made you think that with a broken leg you could finish this course?" Ike says he owes it to his team and they've come too far to stop now. Salmoni: "I think you're the baddest dude I've ever seen. You're the exact guy we want protecting the United States. Thank you." The Valley Girls were directly behind Somewhat Limited and were credited with finishing third. Christina says in TH they now know what it tastes like to be one of the top teams.

At the back of the pack, The Rednecks have another morale crisis and think they're in last place. We know better after watching the ordeal with Gay Angst, but The Rednecks are certain they should just give up. They're content to just walk a steady pace toward the finish. At the finish, Akbar's Players come in fourth place. Akbar asks Salmoni which teams are left and he swiftly dodges the question, telling Akbar to just look at who's in the camp. Akbar immediately notices Team Gay Angst is missing. The S.W.A.T. finish fifth and are quite pleased with themselves after their last place scare at the initial challenge. Knowing it's between Gay Angst who are hoofing it and Rednecks who are currently loafing sets up a pretty epic finish. AJ says the worst case scenario is they're going to go out like ballers, which is probably the coolest thing anyone's said in a TH thus far. We cut to Gay Angst running and then Kari yells out, "Why is that team just standing there?" Kari is still crying in TH when she describes the scene of them spotting The Rednecks. Nick and Jason spot Team Gay Angst and call out to Chad to get a move on now they know they're back in the competition.

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