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Expedition Exposition

Team TH for Fab 3. Ryan expounds there's nothing to the stereotypes of gay men being sassy, clubbing types. They're athletic and this has nothing to do with their sexuality. At all. Forget they're called the "Fab 3." All joking aside, Ryan shares with us that his family disowned him 13 years ago and this team has become his family.

The New York Firemen are struggling up the dune. They're all childhood friends who have jointly chosen a path of least resistance physically, it would seem. But hey, NY Firemen have our American love forever, right?

Everyone appears to be struggling except The Gypsies who are in first place. They've named their team "Gypsies" because they have trademark mustaches and they're self-proclaimed nomadic, free spirits because people probably get sick of their nomadic, free spirit selves and they have to leave. They've supposedly trained very hard physically and it has definitely paid off here. They reach Checkpoint 1 first and grab instructions. "To survive a journey across the unforgiving desert, you're going to need the right camping equipment and three camels." I could've told you that.

Time for goofy camel hijinks. Gypsies get first pick and try to ask the locals which camels are the best. Fab 3 have a little trouble with the camels. AJ gets kicked in the head, but they get going pretty quickly as the locals wonder "Why are their socks so high?" in subtitles, which makes everything extra funny. Football Players, Fishermen, California Girls, No Limits get their camels. Team Kansas -- in 9th place -- have just now reached the top of the dune as The Cops get their camels. A TH for Kevin "Fathead" of NY Firemen clues us in on how stubbornly camels react to coaxing as we watch camels generally being angry and yelling things in camel which would probably translate to: "How did my career lead me here?"

Meanwhile, Country Boys are the first team to have problems. Chad is gassed and just gives out. He takes a seat in the sand and is totally going to puke. To add insult to injury, Latin Persuasion literally walks over Chad as he tries to catch his breath, complete with prissy "excuse me"s. TH with Raven of LP lets us in on the pleasure they took in passing them up. Nick of Country Boys does his best to try to talk Chad into getting up. We zoom in on Chad about to puke.


Back to Country Boys pep talk. After a little more drilling from his team, Chad gets up. TH for Chad credits his teammates for their encouragement. They get to the top of the dune and Chad's teammates tell him to look around. He made it to the top and he should be proud. Chad: "Well, y'all are some good friends, man." Completely genuine moment.

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Expedition Impossible




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