Expedition Impossible
There's Snow in Morocco?

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The Cold of the Morrockies

The instructions at the next checkpoint are to select a farming plow and transport it using a mule. That sounds simple enough, but the snag is they'll have to guide this mule up 2.5 miles of switchbacks on the mountainside until they reach a teahouse. Oddly, Somewhat Limited gets lost trying to get to this checkpoint and has to employ the help of a local boy. They thank him with an American candy bar. Quietly, Akbar's Players reach the checkpoint thirrd. Back at the bottom of the barrel, WGIYNIKA is still in ninth place and they're very aware Rednecks are behind them. Rednecks can see they're gaining, though. The middle of the pack arrives at the farming village. They all quickly grab the plow and mule. Getting to the switchbacks and in eighth place, Team Gay Angst needs to stop for AJ again. He protests to Kari that it's "not a sprint." "We haven't been sprinting," she snips. She keeps telling AJ to just do it and it won't hurt, but AJ's obviously in pain. Nobody's passed them, so there's no real reason for Kari to be pushing AJ. Cut to Kari crying. "We have, like, one shot at this. I don't care that you're sick. I want to feel for you, like, be there, but just push through it." AJ has taken a seat.


AJ quickly gets up from his rest spell. Ryan says he'll stay with AJ one step at a time. The Moustaches get to the top of the mountain first. Somewhat Limited is right behind them. They'll have to load their plows into Ford Explorers to get to a farming terrace where the next instructions are buried in a canister they can only retrieve by plowing. There's a TH for John of Moustaches just to say, "Coming to the top of the switchbacks, I look over and I see our Ford Explorers waiting for us." Seriously? Is this what passes for subtle marketing these days? Why aren't the contestants for this expedition just Ford Explorers? And we're not even done. To follow this up we get some gratuitous Ford Explorer interior/features moments. Moustaches feign amazement at the vehicle's rear hatch opening by itself and the convenience of being able to press a "stow" button to fold the backseats flat so they can load the plow. Gag. WGIYNIKA, who are in ninth place right now, passes by Rednecks as they pass through with their mule. Nick says they knew they'd have to make up some ground to get out of last place. At the farming terraces, Moustaches and Somewhat Limited get started plowing. Jeff says they were focused as a team to try and finally get the better of The Moustaches.

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