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Oh, if only this actually WERE The Office.

Oops Center. The troops scramble as Syd states that Danny needs a phone to call the bomb in order to initiate a deactivation sequence. Dix gives the go-ahead and calls for a secure line. Back on the plane, Vaughn removes the bomb and puts it in the Mr. Igloo. He's starting to tape it up when his phone rings, and Syd tells him to take the bomb back out and look at it after Danny calls it. The red light on the detonator should change color after it's called. After the number's dialed, however, the light doesn't change. Oh, except for the counter panel, which lights up and starts counting down from 5:00. Danny Boy activated the bomb instead of deactivating it. Over in Marshall's Mambo Room of Love, his bomb fires up as well. He jumps up from his chair, trips, falls, gets back up again, and runs off to tell everyone that his bomb is raring to go. Everyone looks at Danny. He just calmly informs them that his former handler told him that the name of the person who murdered his brother was "Julia Thorne." Nice move, Sydney. You goddamn blabbermouth.

Everyone freaks. Except Jack. He tells the two guards who are supposed to transfer Danny to a safe distance from the bomb to go help evacuate the rest of the building. The guards leave, and Danny just blinks up at Jack. "Don't tell me," he snits, "we've come to the point where you're here to coerce me into cooperating." "Not exactly," gruffs Jack. Then he whips over and puts Danny into a chokehold. Heh. Syd sees this on a monitor from Marshall's Mambo Room of Love and heads over to stop her dad from killing the guy. "In seven seconds, you'll begin to see spots," Jack hisses as Danny struggles in vain. "You'll think it's a white light, but I’m here to tell you: the last words I want you to hear EVER are there is no white light. Not for people like you." Ooooh. I do so love it when Spy Daddy goes all bad-ass on people.

With a final crunch, Danny's out for the count. Jack lays him gently on the ground just as Syd walks in all, what in the HELL is going on in here? Jack just tells her to get the defibrillator, which he thoughtfully placed just outside the door. Syd runs and gets it. "He thinks he was prepared to die," says Jack, prepping Danny for heart stim. "Well, we'll see about that." Jack shoots Danny in the heart with something, and Syd shocks him back to life. He gasps, and Jack props him up. "You gives us the code that disarms both bombs, or we do that all. Over. Again. Both bombs!" Danny just nods his head, because having your heart stopped and started once is one time too many. Syd gets on the horn and gives him the code. The bombs stop right at 0:01. "That's impressive," says Sark. Marshall just raises his arms in a victory V. Hee.

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