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Oh, if only this actually WERE The Office.

With the bomb defused, Vaughn can now get back to the HoYay! Erm, I mean, back to putting Sark into custody. He grabs the cuffs, but before he can slap 'em on, Sark stabs him in the shoulder with the knife he found. There's a minor scuffle, and Vaughn finally drops Sark with a nice roundhouse punch to the face. Back at Oops Center, Dix hangs up the phone and informs Syd and Jack that the French DGSE have Sark in custody. Syd asks if Vaughn's overseeing it, but Dix just tells her that he's not, that he's on a plane, and they should see him soon. Just then, Danny is escorted through the place by guards. He and Jack share a nice long "I am SO gonna kill you the next time we meet" stare.

Some time later, Syd walks out to the parking garage as a pretty little ditty from the "Unrequited Love" collection plays over the soundtrack. Syd goes over to her car, but stops before getting in. She puts her hands upon it and slowly breaks down. Just then, a car pulls up. Syd wipes her eyes and turns. It's Vaughn. "Vaughn," she whimpers, starting a new flow of tears. "C'mere," he whispers, walking swiftly to her and pulling her into his arms. Okay, was I right? Best moment of the whole damn show. I think it's even better than the Korea kiss. Because it's just so open and out there and emotional and not even about sex. More hugs! Hugs all around!

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