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Oh, if only this actually WERE The Office.

In the room, Danny Boy switches on the TV and clicks through the channels, finding only boring Russian programs about snow in St. Mark's Square and angry Russian volleyball coaches. Syd just busts in, hands Danny Boy a manila envelope, and says that they can do business now. Syd sits down. "I do business with Androjnev," Danny Boy snits, tossing the envelope aside. Syd just tells him that the Covenant wants to purchase his latest weapon. "While I appreciate your hairstyle," Danny quips, waving his hand in the air, "as I said, I do business with Androjnev." Syd plays the "if I hadn't saved your ass from the CIA, you'd be heading for execution right about now" card. Danny doesn't seem to be buying it. Syd spins the story that three people, including a CIA agent, were killed trying to arrest him, so he's getting quite a bit of news coverage at the moment. Just to back up her story, a fake newscast has been set up so that, when Danny Boy grabs the remote, he's hit with a BBC World News report about the shootings. Which is…well, kind of stupid, considering that it's mighty convenient that he'd turn the TV on and right at that moment he gets the report. Like, maybe a couple of other stories first would have been a little more realistic -- wait. What'd I just say? "A little more realistic"? Oh, that's not…that's just not right. I think I should drink more. Immediately.

The news report has the intended effect upon Danny, and he starts to quietly panic. Again, Ricky Gervais is rocking my world in this scene. He's conveying "oh, shit" with only his eyes, his throat, and his left hand. Love him. Syd states that Danny Boy will agree to whatever terms the Covenant come up with, and he'll also call off the second demonstration of his bomb, since it's unnecessary and will only draw unwanted attention. Danny considers this and then says that before Androjnev, his contact was some guy named Panach, and in lieu of Androjnev, he'll deal with this other guy. In the monitor room, Griffin snaps to attention, telling Jack that "Panach" isn't a man, it's a woman, so Danny Boy's trying to set a trap. Griffin gets on the horn to Syd and tells her this, and that Panach died last year. Syd smoothly informs Danny that Ivana Panach was killed in Slovenia last year, and you know this because that's why your handlers were switched, so HA! So much for your trap! Any other tests, big boy? Danny's all, yeah, I got a test for you -- I don't feel safe here and I wanna get out. How's that for a test? Syd's all, you leave this hotel and you're a dead man. Danny's all, yeah, I'll take my chances on that, thanks. Syd tries to keep him in the room by saying that he's a security risk for the Covenant, so if he leaves the room, she'll kill him herself. Danny basically calls her bluff, saying that she won't kill him because he has something she wants. Jack orders Griffin to take off his headset. Danny leaves the room. Syd walks out after him and draws her gun. Danny just turns and calmly informs her that she's played her hand. Game over. He goes to the elevator and it opens up to reveal…Griffin? I realize Jack was panicking, but…Griffin showing up just makes no sense whatsoever. Shit. I'm doing it again. Drink more. Think less. Will I never learn?

Griffin pretends that Androjnev told him Danny was in town, so he thought he'd drop by. For whatever reason, Griffin's appearance puts Danny at ease, and they head back to the hotel room. Syd just glares at Griffin. Once inside, Griffin goes to work trying to convince Danny that everything's jakey. The details of the scene aren't really that important. All that matters is that Danny takes a look at the contents of the manila envelope that he'd previously tossed aside and declares the terms of the deal acceptable. With one condition: The transfer of all the materials, blueprints and documentation has to be handled by Sark and only Sark. No one else. Syd's all, screw you, dude. You're in no position to make such a demand. Danny's all, hey, do YOU have the bomb I designed? Huh? Do you? Yeah. Didn't think so. I can demand whatever I want, sister. I got da bomb.

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