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Oh, if only this actually WERE The Office.

A stewardess gives Sark a glass of wine and accepts his flimsy excuse that his wife was too sick to fly. Yeah. Because that happens. And planes take off anyway. The "not" is implied. And so is the sarcastic tone. Vaughn spots Sark and reports that he has him in his sights. "Maybe this will work out after all," says Vaughn into the cell phone that he probably shouldn't be using at the moment, since most real stewardesses would have come up by now and literally wrenched the damn thing from his hand and not given it back until they landed in Paris. Drink. Drink. Some time passes, and Sark enjoys another glass of wine while Vaughn starts getting annoyed. He makes a call to Syd and tells her that it's been almost an hour and still no sign of Danny's associate. Syd runs off to chastise Danny. He just tells her to tell Vaughn/Sark to be patient. Syd holds out her cell phone and demands that Danny call his guy and call off the meeting. Danny just looks at her and goes, "I'm afraid that won't be possible." Suddenly, Syd realizes that something has gone horribly wrong.

"There isn't a meeting," she tells Vaughn, seconds later. "Ryan made us?" he asks. "I don't think so," she says. "I don't think there ever was a meeting." Basically, Syd thinks that Danny set the whole thing up to get Sark on the plane. Unfortunately, he thinks Vaughn is Sark, so whatever he intended to befall the real Sark is going to happen to Vaughn instead. Of course, the CIA sent out that communiqué or whatever, so the real Sark is now on the plane also. I just…I'm confused. Well, actually, not confused so much as, um, kind of bored. Jack orders Vaughn to take Sark into custody.

Oops Center. Syd and her miniskirt slam into a room, and someone's holding out a phone to her. She grabs it and demands that someone on the other end tell her about Daniel Ryan. It's Sloane on the other end, and he's in bed (ew!) and wearing a robe (EW!) and we can see his naked, hairy chest (EEWWWWW!). All Sloane can offer by way of intel is that Danny's brother Christopher used to be some big political guy, but last year he disappeared. That's when the camera slips over and we see the half-naked back of a blonde woman lying next to Sloane in the bed. Oh, that is just not good. Sloane tells Syd that the rumor going around is that the Covenant had Danny's brother killed. Syd's not buying it. She lets Sloane get back to his bimbo and hangs up. The blonde woman turns over, and yes, it's Dr. Nancy. She nuzzles Sloane's shirt of hair (tm wintersa), and if their unholy union doesn't turn out to be a manipulation on one or both their parts, I am sending a pack of rabid wolves to the writers' room and watching the carnage on closed circuit television because Sloane and Dr. Nancy? REALLY GROSS.

Weiss fills Syd and Jack in on Christopher Ryan. Turns out he was a really bad dude who was responsible for a bunch of different bombings. Weiss brings up a picture of the guy, and Syd visibly reacts. "Sloane was telling the truth," she says. "The Covenant did have this man killed." She turns to her father. "Dad, they had me kill him." Jack's all, what? The huh? Syd reminds her father of her Lost Years and how the Covenant tried to break her until, finally, she bluffed them into thinking that she'd become Julia Thorne. In order to prove herself, she killed a man in cold blood, just because she was ordered to. That man? Was Christopher Ryan. Jack surmises that if Sark has actually become the head of the North American cell of the Covenant, then killing him on a plane carrying 200 innocent people would be a very public act of revenge. "Oh my god," says Syd. "Vaughn."

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