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While the kids are downstairs playing, which for Carl means setting up an absurdly complex electric-chair system for his dolls -- "They have to pay for their sins!" -- Steve and Fiona are upstairs doing it, even though it's throwing off Fiona's schedule. There's some shameless fucking and boobs and positions and the whole time they're joking around about her dirty talk including how she prepares the kids' lunches, and when she finally has to tell him to come already she assures him she's already had a couple. Which is both sweet and efficient of her.

Steve complains that Fiona didn't make any noise during these alleged events, and she says it's a function of living in a house with one million children, which sets him off on a weird tangent about how early humans were probably used to mating in public and it was one sexual pioneer who took things indoors. He's almost there, finally, and then the electricity in the house abruptly cuts out, ending their sex soundtrack and causing Fiona to scream at Carl. But this one time it's not Carl: They've actually turned off the electricity.

Fiona runs out to plead with Hector, the electricity person, and they swear she's got the money -- she just spaced on paying the bills. It seems like a Gallagher lie but it's actually the truth, which is way worse because it means Fiona's off her game. Hector says to call him when she's paid the bill, and everybody runs around in the dark house.

Over at Sheila's, Eddie and Frank are two peas in a crankpot pod where Eddie's complaining about the Arts & Leisure section -- "Pagan-worshipping actors complaining about how America sucks? I'll stick to my steroid-riddled athletes, thank you" -- and Sheila's knocking Eddie's hand away from the usual cornucopia of breakfast treats. Sheila talks about how she wants to have Hungarian Night for dinner -- "hurka and töltött tojás and rakott krumpli," which Eddie says will exit Frank's "colon at the speed of sound," which is just lovely -- and Karen brings up Parent Night at school, which is the main thing of this episode.

Now of course Sheila stumbles over to the calendar on her fridge and talks a big game about how she will totally be there, doing that self-narrative thing she always does when she's trying to convince herself she's going to leave the house, and babbles for awhile, and it's sad. Karen goes, "Dad, will you join us at Parents Night tonight?" And Eddie's like, "Really?" But of course she snarls at that. "Not you, Fuckface. I was talking to Daddy Frank."

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