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Mickey drops by the store and fully tosses out the contents of an inventory box the better to stock up on the essentials, right in front of Kash. It's scary and goes on and on, and Ian comes in just as Mickey's heading out. Ian is as befuddled and irritated by Kash's wussiness as his wife, and we learn that once Kash did stand up to Mickey's father, the Frank of the Milkoviches who is now in jail, and paid the price with his face. "I don't need any new enemies."

Now, this bothers Ian not just on the Gallagher level but on the personal Ian level, plus the "my boyfriend is a wuss" level, but when Mickey comes back for onion dip all he can himself manage is a weak "Why don't you steal from a neighborhood you don't live in? Have some civic pride?" before Mickey throws the dip at them, splashing it all over the storefront. Kash pulls out some cash and sends Ian to another store for the stuff Mickey stole, which somehow is the most pathetic part, and when Ian calls them both cowards Kash rephrases this as being "smart men in a stupid world." Which I guess is fine, except it's the only world you get, so stop making excuses about how reality could be otherwise. Gravity always wins.

Across town, Steve offers to stand in for Frank, but of course that won't work, and eventually Fiona gets discouraged again and sort of harshly gets off the phone. When she inquires as to Hector's plans for that night -- because he is now turning on their electricity, true to his word -- he doesn't even answer her, which is odd and sad.

Lip, of course, at this point finishes his SAT well in advance of everybody else, because why would you call attention to yourself when scamming the vicious conspiracy that is higher education. He calls up the girl Morgan that he was testing for, and once he's off the phone -- visibly proud this time, which is nice because he's usually so chill and modest about this stuff -- this dude comes running up and calling him by all of his previous test-taking aliases. Nicked! Double-nicked, actually, because the guy thinks that Lip is cheating because he regularly scores so high as these other people, so now he'd like to test Lip on a brand-new SAT just for fun.

Karen finds Daddy Frank lurking in the bushes outside Sheila's, because the goons are staking out the place. He begs her to divert their attention, since that's what she was born for and everything, but she blackmails him to go with her to the thing tonight. Which is plot, which in one way makes the episode make even more sense -- this is about saving his ass, as usual -- but falls into place, a bit jumbled, with his easing into the Jackson house in the way that he's doing.

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