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Upstairs, Lip is still asleep, so he wakes up to see Warren staring at him. Cash upfront, and Warren offers him $35 and not the agreed-upon $450, so Lip calls Koreans the Jews of Asians. Which is where the eponymous quote comes from, because he illustrates a proof that in his personal experience, "Many Irish are drunks, many French smell, most Chinese hate children -- that's why they sell them to Americans," and now you've got Warren trying to get out of paying. It's obnoxious and there are better ways to write this joke, but really the only good part is Warren stomping around upstairs cursing at him in clearly fake ching-chong Korean.

"Now the fact here is that you -- the one Korean I know -- made a deal of 50 bucks for an original essay about The Great goddamn Gatsby, yet once again, you're trying to get me to lower my agreed-upon price." Pay or GFY, Lip says, because the bills are due.

Also upset about money is Kash's wife Linda, because Mickey Milkovich (among possibly others) has made a habit of openly stealing merchandise ever since Kash revealed himself as an easy mark during the Mandy Beatdown stuff. "Soup, beer, chips, cigarettes, lollipops. Salt, people are stealing salt, Kash. What the hell."

You know that Marguerite Moreau is my favorite actor and that I really, really want to like Linda but this part was confusing because it's like, Is Kash really this much of a pussy? And the answer is yes, and Linda is in the right, and even Ian agrees. But that's so deadly to the character of Kash -- who needs some amount of sympathy from us to even exist, considering he's already morally compromised to the point of being a pedo -- that I didn't believe it until everything else that happens in the episode.

But somebody on the forums pointed out that maybe this is just how much of a coward Kash is, like, he can't even really be gay or have a real gay affair, he has to settle for the little boy that works in his store, and his whole thing is about cowardice. Which I can see this show doing, although in my experience and opinion guys caught in the hell of the closet -- much less simply navigating the infinite complexity of the spectrum of sexuality -- are struggling mightily and deserve support, if not exactly respect, until they figure it out. Punishment never led to redemption.

So maybe that's the best case: Yes, Linda is right about Kash; no, Kash is not to be hated merely for that reason, because issues of personal identity and acculturation are not in our jurisdiction as fellow humans. He's a cheater and a wuss, the anti-Karen if you will, and that's enough of an indictment that we don't really need to get into the thornier bits yet. He tries to send the boys to get juice and she's all, "You need to hear this. Other than genetic markers for heart disease and bad teeth, this dump is the sum total of what we're leaving you."

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